5 Crazy Face Tattoos

crazy face tattoo

When most of us think about face tattoos, we think about someone like retired boxer Mike Tyson or rapper “The Game.” Because it’s a touchy subject to most, many people won’t even think about getting a  face tattoo. We here at SloDive think they’re pretty cool though but only if you’re at a place in life where you can afford to get one. What do we mean by that? Well, if you haven’t finished school yet or you don’t have a secure job, we definitely don’t recommend getting a face tattoo but you’re your own boss and at the end of the day, you can do whatever you want to. So, with that little rant out of the way, we’ll move on to the actual tattoos listed below.

We tried our very best to find the coolest and most unique face tattoos out there. We’re sure that we missed some but we think we’ll do face tattoos all over the world justice with this list. Now, are you ready to take a look?

Great! Scroll down and enjoy!

Cool Face Tattoo

This is a unique and over the top star face tattoo.

star face tattoo
Star Face Tattoo

Spooky Skull Face Tattoo

What a spooky skull face tattoo but we dig it!

skull face tattoo
Skull Face Tattoo

Gucci Mane Face Tattoo

Rapper Gucci Mane must make a lot of money to get a tattoo like this one, huh?


gucci mane face tattoo
Gucci Face Tattoo

Unique Face Tattoo

This one is a very unique face tattoo and we think it looks great!

unique face tattoo
Unique Face Tattoo

Crazy Yet Cool Face Tattoo

You can’t call yourself “hardcore” unless you have this.

crazy face tattoo
Crazy Face Tattoo

Those were some pretty cool face tattoos, huh? We think so too! Again, we don’t recommend that anyone considers getting a face tattoo unless you can afford to. Don’t do something that will compromise your finances, education, or personal relationships. If it won’t mess with any of that then a face tattoo may be something that you’ll be interested in. If you do get one and hate it though, don’t blame it on us because it’s not our fault!

Now, enough about face tattoos. Check out other cool lists like this one below!

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