Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Unique Tattoo Ideas

The body is one form of canvas. There are many reasons why people get tattoos: self-expression, artistic freedom, as commemoration of a person or event, tribal/cultural pride, identification towards a group, etc. Whatever your reason is, we have provided a wide spectrum of different cool tattoos for all tattoo lovers out there.

Are DIY Tattoos Worth the Risk? Decide For Yourself

Day by day, DIY is becoming more and more popular. Aside from saving you some bucks and the fun out...

Super Sexy Vagina Tattoos That Will Shock and Awe Any Audience

Celebrities are the major trendsetters - they change the direction of fashion according to what they wear. As trendsetters,...

36 Thought Provoking Alice in the Wonderland Tattoos

One hundred and fifty years have passed since Lewis Carrol presented an illustrated book to a young girl named...

50 of the Sexiest Neck Tattoos for Women

For JonBoy of New York City's Bang Bang Tattoo, it all started with Sofia Richie, who came to him...

35 Charming Disney Castle Tattoos

No one is ever too old for Disney. For many of us, Disney Park memories have stuck through all...

How to Identify & Treat an Infected Tattoo Before Damage is Done

How to Treat Infected Tattoos Tattoos have tumbled in and out of vogue over the years, but never really went...

65 Brilliant Hand Tattoos for Women – Your Inkspirations!

Let's face it. Tattoos have become the new chic fashion statement, and ladies are in the rush to join...
55 Dallas Cowboy Tattoos

55 Dallas Cowboys Tattoos That Best Express The Sentiments of Their Fans

The Dallas Cowboys, also known as "America's Team" is one of the most successful franchises on and off the...
Chicano Chicana Estilo Los Muertos days of the dead tattoo

96 Day of the Dead Tattoos (Dia de Los Muertos)

We all know how Halloween is celebrated - with costumes, candies and horror movies, right? What about All Souls'...

41 KickAss Army Tattoos to Show Your Pride

One of the reasons you are here trying to check out our kick ass army tattoo is either you...

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Super Sexy Vagina Tattoos That Will Shock and Awe Any Audience

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