55 Dallas Cowboys Tattoos That Best Express The Sentiments of Their Fans

55 Dallas Cowboy Tattoos

55 Dallas Cowboy Tattoos

The Dallas Cowboys, also known as “America’s Team” is one of the most successful franchises on and off the field. Since its inception in 1960, the football team has taken home five Super Bowl Trophies and has grown to be the most valuable sports franchise in the world. Based on a study conducted by Dr. Mike Lewis of Emory’s Goizueta Business School, Cowboy fans are one of the most loyal bases on the planet. In spite of the long championship drought and the setbacks that the American Team suffered, the avid fans have shown that rough times don’t affect their loyalty at all and continue to hope for more legendary moments in the next decade. With a list that includes big names from LeBron James to new NBA MVP Russell Westbrook, to celebrities Denzel Washington, Eva Longoria and Demi Lovato to George Bush, Dallas Cowboys fans show their love and support in many ways, one of them is having Dallas Cowboys Tattoos permanently or temporarily inked on their skins, nails, even teeth.

There are endless possibilities of expression, so here we have compiled  55 Cowboy Dallas Tattoos that best express the patriotism and almost religious sentiments of the fans.

1. Footballer Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Footballer dallas cowboys tattoos


2. Cracked Skin Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Cracked skin dallas cowboy tattoo

3.   Ripped Skin Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

Ripped skin dallas cowboy tattoo

The most recognizable symbol of the Dallas Cowboys is the iconic Dallas Star which is perfect for both men and women. They come in different sizes, design, and colors. Oftentimes they are incorporated with football gears, a favorite player’s name or number, the winning years, and they are proudly and loudly inked on arms, the chest, the whole back, the head, even on butts! There are endless possibilities of expression, so here we have compiled the Cowboy Dallas Tattoos that best expresses the patriotism and almost religious sentiments of the fans.

4. Dallas Cowboy Helmet Tattoo

Dallas Cowboys Helmet Tattoo

Since 12,000 B.C., tattooing has served different purposes in varied cultures – be it ceremonial, traditional, ritualistic or religious, they can be marks of ownership, status symbols, membership in a secret society, coming of age, and many more.

5. Armoured Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Armoured Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

6. NFL Cowboys


7. Tattered Skin Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

Tattered Skin Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

8. Star Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Star Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

It was previously believed that the wearer of an image calls the spirit of that image. Thus the one with a tiger tattoo is presumed to have the ferocity of a tiger, or the one with That tradition holds true eagle mark, the strength, and power of an eagle. Dallas Cowboys fans take tattooing to a new level. It is an expression of their loyalty, love, devotion, and affection to this legendary football team.

9. Skeletons Wearing Dallas Cowboys Cap Tattoo

Skeletons Wearing Dallas Cowboys Cap Tattoo

10. Muscles

Muscles Dallas Cowboys tattoo

11. Super Bowl Ring Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Super Bowl Ring Dallas Cowboys tattoo

12. Roses

Roses Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

13. Texas Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Texas Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

14. Football and Star

Football and Star dallas cowboys tattoo

15. Stamped Star Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Stamped Star Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

16. Scalp Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Scalp Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

17. Calf Tattoo

Calf Tattoo

18. Wrist Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Wrist Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

19. Glittering Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

Glittering Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

20. Dallas Cowboys Arm Tattoo

Dallas Cowboys Arm Tattoo

21. True Blue Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

True Blue Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

22. Championship Nfl Rings Dallas Cowboys Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Championship Nfl Rings Dallas Cowboys Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

23. Chest Tattoo

Chest Tattoo dallas cowboys tattoo

24. 3D Star Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

3D Star Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

25. Skull Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

By: adrian_flores_sa via Instagram

26. Head Tattoo

Head tattoo Dallas Cowboys Tattoos
By: tattoosbydakota via Instagram

27. National Football League

National Football League dallas cowboys tattoo
By: jabones1967 via Instagram

28. Superman Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

Superman Dallas Cowboys Tattoo
By: jackart13 via Instagram

29. Ripping Skin Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Ripping skin dallas cowboys tattoo
By: dguerotatz via Instagram

30. US Flag Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

USFlag dallas cowboys tattoo
By: electricshocktat2 via Instagram

31. DCFL Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

DCFL dallas cowboy tattoo
By: niteowltattoostudio via Instagram

32. Shoulder Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Shoulder Dallas Cowboys Tattoo
By: ashy_lynnae via Instagram

33. True Grips Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

True Grips dallas cowboys tattoo
By: firstlovetattoo via Instagram

34. Feather Dallas cowboy Tattoo

Feather Dallas cowboys Tattoo

35. Minions Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

Minions Dallas Cowboys Tattoo
By: prideandglorytattoos via Instagram

36. Texas Cowboys Nation

Texas Cowboys Nation
By: chrisrubi_tattoos via Instagram

37. Cracked Up Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Cracked Up Dallas Cowboys tattoo
By: lextatzniteowl via Instagram

38. Watercolor Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Watercolor Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

39. DC4L Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

DC4L Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

40. Dallas Cowboys Back Tattoo

Dallas Cowboys Back Tattoo

41. Manly NFL Ink

Manly Nfl Ink Photo credit: Nextluxury.com

42. Jersey Sleeve Tattoo

Jersey Sleeve Tattoo

43. Football Player Sleeve Tattoo

Football Player Sleeve Tattoo

44. The Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

The Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

45. Gangsta Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Gangsta Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

46. The Star Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

The Star dallas cowboys tattoo

47. Americas Team Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Americas Team dallas cowboys tattoo

48. Dallas Champion Rings

Dallas champion rings

49. Dallas Cowboys Die Hard Fan

Dallas Cowboys Die Hard Fan
By: stabyoulongtime via Instagram

50. Dallas Cowboys Queen

Dallas Cowboys Queen
By: cowboysfansincali via Instagram

51. Football Skull

Football Skull
By: peightonflash_tattoos via Instagram

52. Five Rings Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Five Rings Dallas Cowboys Tattoo
By: 03mustanggtmike via Instagram

53. Betty Boop Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Betty Boop Dallas Cowboys Tattoo
By: 7grams via Instagram

54. Cowboys for Life

Cowboys for life
By: caleb.voorhees via Instagram

55. Minimalistic Dallas Cowboys Tattoo

Minimalistic Dallas cowboys Tattoo
By: secrettattooss via Instagram



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