4 Cool Irish Tattoos

leprechaun tattoo

There are many different ways to show off your Irish pride and getting a cool Irish Tattoo  is one of them. That’s why we came up with the idea to put up a small list of 4 Cool Irish Tattoos. Sure, the list is short but it’s definitely sweet and we made a serious effort to get you the best of the best. In other words, the Irish Tattoos found on this list totally rock. They aren’t just for people of Irish descent though. They are for anyone that likes them.

So, with that being said, we hope that you’ll take a few minutes to scroll down and check out this collection of 4 Cool Irish Tattoos. Again, it’ll only take a few minutes of your time and you very well find inspiration for your next tattoo here. It could be because you’re a huge Notre Dame fan or because you’re Irish. Heck, it could even be because you love St. Patrick’s Day and want to celebrate. Either way, the inspiration is here and it’s for you!


Irish Clover Tattoo

This is a tattoo from an older list that we just had to bring back!

irish tattoo
Clover Tattoo

Irish American Tattoo

Amazing tattoo for all of you proud Irish Americans out there!


short hairstyle
Nationality Tattoo

Cool Clover Tattoo

Great tattoo for those of you that want something different!

clover tattoo
Clover Tattoo

Awesome Leprechaun Tattoo

This is an amazing Leprechaun tattoo that totally rocks!

weird hair
Leprechaun Tattoo

There you have it! This concludes our list of 4 Cool Irish Tattoos. We hope that you enjoyed looking at it and were able to find some added inspiration for your next tattoo. If you weren’t able to quite find what you were looking for then we hope that you’ll take the time to check out our other tattoo lists. You’ll find a few below which you can access by clicking their respective link. You are also more than welcome to manually search our site for what you’re looking for. Odds are, we have it. So, why wait? Go check them out now and share with friends!

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