17 Modern Twists on Anchor Tattoo Designs


It’s hard not to think of anchor tattoo designs when thinking of tattoos. Images of sailors and other brawny men with the traditional anchor tattoo on the biceps is a common and cliched idea about tattoos. While they were once popular, anchor tattoos have somewhat fallen out of fashion in these modern times.

Some people, though, still prefer the traditional aspect that anchor tattoos have to offer. Not to mention, anchor tattoo designs can also be rather symbolic and meaningful. Anchor tattoos are no longer just for those with roots at sea. They can also represent faith and religion, as well as strength, stability, and roots. An anchor tattoo can serve as a reminder that no matter how tough things get and no matter how rough the sea of life it, that a person can and should stay anchored, so to speak.

The cliched idea of a rugged anchor tattoo on a sailor’s arm is no longer all that’s available either. The anchor tattoo can be as modern and unique as you want. Just check out these awesome modern anchor tattoo designs to get a little inspiration!

1. Split Anchor Foot Tattoos

Two separate tattoos on each foot make up a whole anchor tattoo design when the feet are together!

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

2. Anchor and Birds Tattoo Design

Two ideas of stability and freedom come together quite nicely in this beautiful and modern anchor tattoo design for women!

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

3. Negative Space Anchor Tattoo

A negative space anchor tattoo i definitely unique and adds a nice modern twist to a classic design.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

4. Fancy Anchor Ankle Tattoo

Women looking for anchor tattoo designs for their ankles might want to consider a pretty and fancy anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

5. Piercing Anchor Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for really unique and creative anchor tattoo designs, consider this variation that’s inked to look like it’s piercing through the skin.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

6. Simple Anchor Forearm Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are quite popular right now, and simple anchor tattoo designs with clean lines are a great modern twist to the traditional anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

7. Minimalist Anchor Tattoo

Here’s another great example of a simple tattoo with thin, clean lines if you’re into more minimalist anchor tattoo designs!

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

8. Water Color Anchor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are becoming more and more popular, especially among women, and it’s a great tattoo style to really jazz up an anchor tattoo and give it a modern twist!


anchor tattoo designsImage Source

9. Feminine Anchor and Birds Tattoo

If you’re on the hunt for feminine anchor tattoo designs, this soft and wispy tattoo with birds is perfect for women!

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

10. Framed Anchor Tattoo Design

A fancy frame around a simple anchor tattoo design turns a classic masculine tattoo into a beautiful and sexy tattoo for women, especially when it’s placed on the thigh!

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

11. Infinity Anchor Tattoo Designs

Modern ladies (and gents!) might appreciate the ever popular infinity symbol mingled with their anchor tattoo designs.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

12. Funky Geometric Anchor Tattoo

A funky blue geometric pattern looks pretty astonishing as an anchor tattoo!

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

13. Simple Geometric Anchor Tattoo

Simpler geometric anchor tattoo designs can look pretty stunning as well.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

14. Artistic Anchor Tattoo

This anchor tattoo has a nice little artistic feel to it, almost like a casual sketch.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

15. Anchor Charm Tattoo

An anchor can be a small and simple element of another tattoo design altogether, like this anchor charm on a tattooed anklet.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

16. Quote Anchor Tattoo Design

A meaningful quote can become even more powerful when written in the shape of an anchor.

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

17. White Ink Anchor Tattoo

White ink can make for a gorgeous and unique anchor tattoo!

anchor tattoo designsImage Source

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