16 Weird Tattoos That Will Have You Scratching Your Head


Tattoos are one of the most beautiful and meaningful types of body art out there. They can be used to express feelings and emotions, and to commemorate memorable or life changing experiences. Some tattoos are just plain beautiful works of art. Other tattoos, though…not so much. Sometimes these are just bad tattoos and sometimes they’re just plain weird tattoos.

Most of these weird tattoos will have you shaking your head! They’re so random and mind bowing that you just have to wonder what these people were thinking….

1. Eat Dirt Tattoo

It’s a hand…coming out of a foot…holding a forkful of dirt. I’m sure there’s some deeper meaning here, but this design is right at home in a list of weird tattoos!

weird tattoosImage Source

2. Reminder Tattoo

Hopefully Drew continues to pursue his bowling hobby. And, hopefully they don’t change bowling night to Wednesday.

weird tattoosImage Source

3. Armpit Spark Plug Tattoo

I can totally understand wanting a spark plug tattoo, even a giant one. But on the armpit…? Surely there’s a better placement for this tattoo!

weird tattoosImage Source

4. Cavity Tooth Tattoo

Of all of the weird tattoos in this list, a tooth with a cavity is probably the most disturbing to me.

weird tattoosImage Source

5. Rebel Hot Dog Tattoo

This hot dog is guilty. Guilty of being delicious! I’m thinking that someone must REALLY like hot dogs to consider weird tattoos like this!

weird tattoosImage Source

6. Giraffe on the Toilet Tattoo

There’s really not much that’s weirder than a giraffe on the toilet tattoo…

weird tattoosImage Source

7. Cupcake on the Toilet Tattoo

….except maybe a cupcake on the toilet. Yeah, I think that’s a little weirder.

weird tattoosImage Source

8. Darth Vader Holding Pooh

Star Wars fans looking for weird tattoos miht be interested in this interesting piece of work—Darth Vader holding Pooh. Well, at least it’s not Darth Vader holding poo.


weird tattoosImage Source

9. Such a Weird Tattoo

This has got to be the weirdest of all weird tattoos! Just why? I want to know the story and meaning behind this, but I think I’d be afraid to ask.

weird tattoosImage Source

10. Severed Pinky in a Tutu

Nothing says poise, grace, and charm like a severed pinky dressed in a tutu doing ballet!

weird tattoosImage Source

11. Human Centipede Foot Tattoo

You don’t even have to have had the displeasure of seeing the movie Human Centipede to find this foot tattoo just a tad disturbing.

weird tattoosImage Source

12. Onion Armpit Tattoo

I guess weird tattoos in the armpit aren’t as unusual as one would think.

weird tattoosImage Source

13. Weird Head Tattoo

What a pretty butterfly tattoo! No, wait…it’s a flower. No… What is tha—OHHH!

weird tattoosImage Source

14. Tampon With Wings Tattoo

Someone should really tell them that tampons are not the feminine hygiene products with wings! And that this is just gross.

weird tattoosImage Source

15. Strange Chicken Hybrid Tattoo

There’s so much going on in this tattoo that I just don’t even know where to start. Is this a Miley Cyrus twerking chicken??

weird tattoosImage Source

16. My Vagina Tattoo

Fantastic! I’m so glad that we now all know the you think that your vagina is beautiful. But, is it really blue and yellow?

weird tattoosImage Source

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