16 Awesome and Creative Anatomical Heart Tattoo Designs


The heart has long though to be the center for human emotion. Love, heartbreak, joy, anger—it all stems from within the heart. For years, a simple heart symbol has been a popular tattoo design. Women often prefer more feminine versions of heart tattoos. Men usually tend to shy away from heart tattoos, as they’re seen as more feminine designs. However, it’s not completely unheard of to see a man sporting a more masculine heart design tattoo, like the cliched heart with “Mom” biceps tattoo. An anatomical heart tattoo, however, is a fantastic tattoo design for both men and women!

Anatomical heart tattoos are much more intricate and detailed than simple heart shaped tattoos. These designs include all of the parts of a human heart, right down to the separate muscles, veins, and arteries. Because of this, they are generally a little more unique than regular heart tattoos, making them a great option for someone looking for a more creative and original tattoo.

Are you considering an anatomical heart tattoo design for yourself? Here’s a collection of some pretty awesome anatomical heart tattoos to give you a little inspiration!

1. Textbook Anatomical Heart Tattoo

This anatomical heart tattoo looks like it was taken right out of an anatomy textbook.

creative nail designsImage Source

2. Emotion Labeled Heart Tattoo

What a unique and amazing way to show the bundle of complex human emotions!

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3. Anatomical Heart and Artery Tattoo

Anatomical heart tattoos look pretty awesome when major veins and arteries are included in the design as well!

creative nail designsImage Source

4. Heart and Grenade Tattoo

There’s some strong symbolism in an anatomical heart tattoo with a grenade.

creative nail designsImage Source

5. Butterfly and Anatomical Heart Tattoo Desgin

This creative tattoo design combines an anatomical heart with the delicate wings of a butterfly.

creative nail designsImage Source

6. Follow Your Anatomical Heart

Here’s an interesting way to say “follow your heart”…

creative nail designsImage Source

7. Geometric Heart Tattoo Design

A funky geometric design comes together nicely as an anatomical heart tattoo design, and the subtle watercolor splatters add some nice color and softness to the tattoo.

creative nail designsImage Source


8. Lovers in a Heart Tattoo

Two lovers fit beautifully into this anatomical heart design, and the idea is quite fitting!

creative nail designsImage Source

9. Kissing Couple Heart Tattoo

A slightly subtler design featuring two lovers in an anatomical heart design.

creative nail designsImage Source

10. Flowers and Heart Tattoo Design

Pretty posies really soften an anatomical heart tattoo design, even if the idea is still a little macabre.

creative nail designsImage Source

11. Tree Growing From a Heart Tattoo

Gnarled black branches sprout from this heart in a stunning half back tattoo design!

creative nail designsImage Source

12. Symbolic to Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Here’s a cute take on an anatomical heart tattoo!

creative nail designsImage Source

13. Anatomical Heart With Gears Tattoo

Ever wanted to know what makes your heart tick?

creative nail designsImage Source

14. Anatomical Heart With Wings Tattoo

Heart with wings are a common tattoo design, but this version with an anatomical heart is a nice change from the traditional.

creative nail designsImage Source

15. Stitched Heart Tattoo Design

An anatomical heart stitched back together is perfect for those mending from a broken heart.

creative nail designsImage Source

16. Cute Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Not all anatomical heart tattoos have to be dark, gory, or scientific. Here’s a cute and colorful heart tattoo design that would be great for the ladies!

creative nail designsImage Source

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