17 Wonderful Watercolor Tattoo Designs


Watercolor tattoos are tattoos that are designed to resemble a watercolor painting. Soft but bright colors are used and blurred, blended, faded, and shaded to mimic this painting style. Paint splatters and drips are also sometimes part of a watercolor tattoo.  Unlike traditional tattoos, watercolor tattoos typically don’t include black outlines. If a black outline is used, it’s generally made to look like a pen sketch line to fit in better with the style of the tattoo.

Feelings on watercolor tattoos are mixed. Some body art fanatics love the style, while others dislike it. A watercolor tattoo, especially the lighter parts of a tattoo, are more subject to fading. If you’re in love with the idea of watercolor tattoos, though, don’t let the fear of fading ink stop you. All tattoos fade to some degree; more frequent touchups may be required with a watercolor tattoo design though. On the other hand, not all watercolor tattoos fade to the point that they need touched up. In fact, some watercolor tattoos age very well!

Ready to get inked with a watercolor tattoo? Check out these watercolor tattoo designs for a little inspiration!

1. Watercolor Quote Tattoo

A colorful watercolor tattoo design makes an excellent background for a meaningful or fun quote.

watercolor tattooImage Source

2. Simple Cat Watercolor Tattoo

Water color tattoo designs can also be used to add some subtle color to a simple black outline tattoo.

watercolor tattooImage Source

3. Splattered Flying Bird Watercolor Tattoo

You might have to look closely, but there are a a couple of birds flying in this seemingly random splattered watercolor design.

watercolor tattooImage Source

4. Watercolor Flower Ankle Tattoo

This black flower outline looks amazing over a watercolor background on the ankle!

watercolor tattooImage Source

5. Watercolor Flower Side Tattoo

A watercolor flower tattoo stretching up the side is simply stunning!

watercolor tattooImage Source

6. Watercolor Lion Tattoo

A watercolor lion is a gorgeous alternative to a traditional lion tattoo for women!

watercolor tattooImage Source

7. Dandelion Watercolor Tattoo

Dandelion tattoos are gaining in popularity, and this watercolor version is one of the best I’ve seen!

watercolor tattooImage Source

8. Bright Lotus Flower Watercolor Tattoo

The bold black outline of this lotus flower contrast perfectly with the bright watercolor background!

watercolor tattooImage Source


9. Watercolor Feather Tattoo

If you’re considering a feather tattoo, a watercolor style tattoo could be just the thing!

watercolor tattooImage Source

10. Watercolor Compass Tattoo

Never lose where you’re going again with a colorful compass tattoo!

watercolor tattooImage Source

11. Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoo

A watercolor hummingbird tattoo is sweet and feminine.

watercolor tattooImage Source

12. Watercolor Music Tattoo

Negative space tattoo design meets watercolor tattoo design in this moving music tattoo!

watercolor tattooImage Source

13. Parrot Watercolor Tattoo

A watercolor design makes this parrot tattoo simply breathtaking!

watercolor tattooImage Source

14. Cute Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

An adorable little elephant tattoo make a great good luck charm!

watercolor tattooImage Source

15. Watercolor Skull Tattoo

This skull is proof that there are some great watercolor tattoo options for guys as well as girls.

watercolor tattooImage Source

16. Watercolor Tree Tattoo

A beautiful watercolor tree tattoo would be graceful on any back!

watercolor tattooImage Source

17. Watercolor Forest Tattoo

Or, if just one tree isn’t enough, consider an entire forest in watercolors for an amazing eye catching design.

watercolor tattooImage Source

It’s important to choose an experienced tattoo artist when you get any tattoo. However, choosing the right tattoo artist is especially important when you’re planning on getting a watercolor tattoo! Make sure you choose an artist that has experience with watercolor tattoos. Ask to see examples of previous work to get an idea of his or her style. After getting your watercolor tattoo, properly caring for your tattoo an help prevent fading and put off needing touchups. Sunlight is one of a watercolor tattoo’s worst enemies. Always keep your tattoo covered or slather it with high SPF sunscreen.

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