15 Wicked Hip Tattoo Designs for Women


A hip tattoo is a sexy and fun choice for women! Getting a tattoo on the hip (or hips) draws attention to the elegant and sensual area near the pelvis. Hip tattoos can play peek-a-boo from underneath a shirt or be displayed prominently with a cropped top or bathing suit. In situations that warrant it, hip tattoos can also be hidden completely.

Hip tattoos can be placed on just one hip or on both hips. They can also span up the torso or down the leg. Hip tattoos for for women can also be almost any design. Some common and popular hip tattoo designs for women these days include feathers, flowers, birds, and butterflies. Sometimes you just need a slightly more unique hip tattoo design, though—one with a bit of a wow factor!

If you’re looking for something a little less ordinary for a hip tattoo, check out these awesome ideas below!

1. Sparrow Hip Tattoo

A couple sparrows on a woman’s is quite sultry!

hip tattooImage Source

2. Polynesian Hip Tattoo

Polynesian hip tattoos are not only gorgeous on women, but they also have cultural significance.

hip tattooImage Source

3. Thorny Roses Hip Tattoos

Instead of your typical rose tattoo on the hip, a couple of thorny roses on each hip gives a lady an edgier look!

hip tattooImage Source

4. Leopard Print Hip Tattoo

Wild women might prefer a leopard print hip tattoo!

hip tattooImage Source

5. Pistol Hip Tattoo

Hey, a woman’s gotta be prepared for anything, right?

hip tattooImage Source

6. Dragonfly Hip Tattoos

Butterflies are so…ordinary, but dragonflies? Those are a little more suitable for an edgier chick!

hip tattooImage Source

7. Cherry Blossom Hip Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos are gorgeous in their own right, but a cherry blossom hip tattoo is also a little sexy!

hip tattooImage Source


8. Infinity Anchor Tattoo on the Hip

Infinity tattoos are popular tattoos for women, but integrating an anchor into it makes it a little more unique.

hip tattooImage Source

9. Cherry Hip Tattoos

A couple of cute little cherries on each hip are sweet and a bit seductive!

hip tattooImage Source

10. Fleur-de-Lis Tattoo

Such a simple symbol, the fleur-de-lis, but it still has a big impact, especially with a sultry tattoo placement!

hip tattooImage Source

11. Cobra Hip and Back Tattoo

I don’t think anyone would want to mess with a lady who has a mean cobra stretched across her back and hip!

hip tattooImage Source

12. Tribal Tiger Hip Tattoo

Tribal hip tattoos are a little cliche and overdone, but a tribal tiger tattoo on the hip is a little more interesting and unique.

hip tattooImage Source

13. Native Feathers Hip Tattoo

Proudly show off your heritage with a native belt complete with feathers—a nice alternative to the traditional feather hip tattoo!

hip tattooImage Source

14. Lily and Hummingbird Tattoo on the Hip

The artwork in this lily, turtle, and hummingbird were make this colorful hip tattoo absolutely stunning!

hip tattooImage Source

15. Shark Hip Tattoos

Women looking for shark tattoos should definitely consider something like these matching shark hip tattoos!

hip tattooImage Source

Hopefully you’ve formed a fantastic idea of what will grace your hip tattoo! Remember to shop around before you go under the needle. Find an experienced and talented tattoo artist with example of previous work. And, if you don’t have the idea for your hip tattoo just right yet, never fear! A talented tattoo artist can design hip tattoos that fit your wants, needs, and style perfectly!

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