15 Excellent Eagle Tattoo Designs


Eagles are beautiful and majestic creatures that are a symbol of the United States. However, eagles are also rare and special birds that have come to symbolize many things including survival and strength. Some people love eagles so much they decide to put them on their body in the form of a tattoo. Want to see some awesome eagle tattoo designs?

We have gathered, for your viewing pleasure, 15 Excellent Eagle Tattoo Designs, and we promise that you will never look at the eagle again once you see these amazing tattoo designs. So, shall we begin? Let’s get started so go ahead and scroll down right now to check out these excellent eagles!

Eagle Tattoo 1

This man has decided to have an eagle going down his arm, but not just any eagle, this one has its wings spread, its claws out, and looks like it is in attack mode! Now that is one bad eagle!

Eagle Tattoo 1Eagle Tattoo 1

Eagle Tattoo 2

Eagles can go anywhere on the body, and this man wants his eagle from his chest down to his waist, and a couple of words included too!

Eagle Tattoo 2Eagle Tattoo 2

Eagle Tattoo 3

The chest is a good place for an eagle, but then again, so is the back, and in this case the upper back across the shoulder blades. This person not only wanted an eagle, but he also wanted to put a verse from the Holy Bible on a ribbon that the eagle is clutching.

Eagle Tattoo 3Eagle Tattoo 3

Eagle Tattoo 4

Have you ever seen the face of an eagle? Eagles are actually quite beautiful even if its just their face, and with this arm tattoo, you see a flag plus the face of an eagle.

Eagle Tattoo 4Eagle Tattoo 4

Eagle Tattoo 5

This man has the eagle between his chest and his arm, and it goes across his body in a really unique way!

Eagle Tattoo 5Eagle Tattoo 5

Eagle Tattoo 6

Men are not the only ones who can appreciate a gorgeous eagle tattoo. Look at this young woman who decided to put an eagle capturing a snake on her back!

Eagle Tattoo 6Eagle Tattoo 6

Eagle Tattoo 7

Typically, there are two kinds of eagles, white eagles and golden eagles, but this man decided to make his eagle have a red head, which really gives it a haunting and terrifying appearance.

Eagle Tattoo 7Eagle Tattoo 7

Eagle Tattoo 8

This tattoo is located on a man’s lower side right next to his waist, and it truly is a special tattoo.


Eagle Tattoo 8Eagle Tattoo 8

Eagle Tattoo 9

Some people love to have their tattoos in color, and this proves it because you can see the color of the eagle, including its white head and the rose its carrying.

Eagle Tattoo 9Eagle Tattoo 9

Eagle Tattoo 10

While some people depict an eagle by itself, or with an American flag, this man wanted to show the eagle in its natural setting. There are other eagles flying around in this tattoo, and even a waterfall!

Eagle Tattoo 10Eagle Tattoo 10

Eagle Tattoo 11

It may be hard to tell where exactly this tattoo is, but it is on the chest, but more toward the side of the body. It is a medium sized eagle head tattoo that is just terrific!

Eagle Tattoo 11Eagle Tattoo 11

Eagle Tattoo 12

Show your back proudly sir, now that you have this amazing colored eagle tattoo with its wings spread.

Eagle Tattoo 12Eagle Tattoo 12

Eagle Tattoo 13

There are a lot of unique tattoo designs, but this person chose to have a slight twist to their eagle tattoo and chose to have a Celtic design with it. What do you all think? Does the eagle still seem both beautiful and majestic like this?

Eagle Tattoo 13<emEagle Tattoo 13

Eagle Tattoo 14

With this tattoo, you can see a lot of detail with the eagle like its feathers on its chest and wings.

Eagle Tattoo 14Eagle Tattoo 14

Eagle Tattoo 15

Eagles are a part of many cultures, not just the American one, and this man depicted the eagle in a way that can be from the Mayan or Aztec culture.

Eagle Tattoo 15Eagle Tattoo 15

So, what do you think of the eagle now? Is it not a beautiful bird? Be sure to leave us a comment below, so we can know what you thought of the list. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below for you all to check out. All you have to do is click one, and now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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