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You certainly wants to do a little study on what looks good on you and what are the latest trends before getting yourself inked. Here you will find versatile examples of tattoos all over the world.


13 Precious Puppy Tattoo Pictures

There are people in the world that love dogs so much that they treat the furry canines like members...

11 Fun Finger Tattoos

Tattoos can be inked onto any part of the body, but there are some people that want a small...
lady muck tattoo

10 Bone Crunching Knuckle Tattoos

So, you're wondering what a cool tattoo would be to get that stands out in any crowd, gets some...
leprechaun tattoo

4 Cool Irish Tattoos

There are many different ways to show off your Irish pride and getting a cool Irish Tattoo  is one...
tape tattoo

5 Cool Music Tattoos For 2014

It's now 2014 which means it's a new year and there will be many new trends. One thing that...
crazy face tattoo

5 Crazy Face Tattoos

When most of us think about face tattoos, we think about someone like retired boxer Mike Tyson or rapper...

7 Questions to Ask Before Making Tattoo Ideas Permanent

Because of the influence of tattoo culture on modern society, many people forget to realize that they are permanent...

26 Chummy Best Friend Tattoos For This Year

Tattoos have been in use since ancient times, Romans and Greeks have been famous for their cryptic tattoos. For...

27 Mighty Sword Tattoos

The sword often features in rich tattoo designs showing the warrior spirit. The slim sharp blade and the intricate...

24 Ideal Dragonfly Tattoo For 2013

A dragonfly holds a special place among delicate tattoo designs. The soft gossamer wings of this pretty creature inspire...

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