7 Questions to Ask Before Making Tattoo Ideas Permanent


Because of the influence of tattoo culture on modern society, many people forget to realize that they are permanent pieces of art that stay on your body. The only way to get rid of them is with harmful chemicals and painful laser surgery. Instead of worrying about getting bad tattoo ideas removed, make sure they never appear on your body in the first place. Take these important considerations and tips for making sure your tattoo ideas will remain a cool and stylish part of your body for years to come.

Will I Be Into This Band Later?

Music tattoos are a great way to profess your love for a band or a genre. But people outgrow and change their musical tastes all of the time. A good rule of thumb for music tattoos is to keep from getting them if the band hasn’t been around for a long time. Also, don’t get a tattoo portrait of the Counting Crows singer unless you really mean it…

duritz_tattoo (1)
Music Tattoos

How Much Longer Will This Relationship Last?

Tattoos expressing your love for your significant other are some of the most common, but they are also the most common tattoos that get covered up later. If your partner is pressuring you into getting a tattoo, but you don’t really feel it, go with your gut instinct and don’t get it.

Relationship Tattoos

Am I Getting a Corporate Job?

While many careers and institutions are beginning to accept tattoo culture, some corporations still toe the hard conservative line towards them. If you are looking to become a lawyer, doctor, engineer, architect or anything related to the financial industry, make sure your tattoo designs stay covered up.

Does the Tattoo Artist Know What He’s Doing?

Tattoo artists fall under many different skill levels. If you’re looking for a simple tattoo design, an amateur may be able to pull it off just fine. If you’re looking for intricate tattoo designs, make sure you get a professional with several years of experience under his belt.

Family Tattoos

Am I Sober?

Tattoo artists are not supposed to work on people if they have been drinking or are under the influence of drugs. While this is the supposed rule, many tattoos artists don’t go by it and will ink you regardless of your mental state. Don’t visit a tattoo shop under the influence if you can help it.

Will This Tattoo Idea Need Maintenance?

Some tattoos are straightforward and need little work in the future. On the other hand, other tattoos use complicated colors and patterns that need retouching every couple of years. If you are not committed to a tattoo idea from the start, get something less complicated in another area.

Did I Do Enough Research?

Text symbols and cool logos may always seem like great tattoo ideas, but not doing your research can leave you with a piece of ink you’re going to regret. Before getting a cool logo on your body permanently, hit the Internet and do as much research as possible into its origins and hidden meanings.


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