15 Leg Sleeve Tattoos You Have to See to Believe!


Almost everyone is familiar with sleeve tattoos that almost fully cover the arm. However, less common versions of traditional sleeve tattoos are leg sleeve tattoos, and they’re definitely worth some consideration!

A leg sleeve tattoo covers either all or a good portion of the leg.

Like traditional arm sleeve tattoos, leg sleeve tattoos may cover part or all of the leg.

Full leg sleeve tattoo designs can run from the hip to the ankle. Half leg sleeve tattoo designs, on the other hand, might cover from just the hip to the knee or just the knee to the ankle.

To get an idea of how amazing leg sleeve tattoos look, check out these awesome leg tattoo designs!

1. Geometric Mandala Lower Leg Tattoo

A mandala tattoo on the lower leg offers a complex geometric and spiritual design for all to appreciate.

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

2. Tribal Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Bold black tribal designs make some pretty striking leg sleeve tattoos!

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

3. Realistic Shark Leg Tattoo

Realistic and detailed sharks have transformed this lower leg into an astonishing an nerve wracking work of inked art!

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

4. Cherry Blossom Leg Tattoo

Although not technically a leg sleeve tattoo, cherry blossom branch leg tattoos like this definitely deserve an honorable mention on our list of leg sleeve tattoos!

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

5. Japanese Fish Tattoo

This Japanese style fish leg sleeve tattoo is beautifully colored and detailed.

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

6. Flowers and Quotes Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Both of these gorgeous gams are done up in some equally gorgeous leg sleeve tattoos with black and gray flowers and quotes.

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

7. Leg Sleeve Portrait Tattoo

This well done portrait on the thigh is just part of a much larger detailed leg sleeve tattoo.

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

8. Colorful Leg and Hip Tattoo

The vibrant colors in this tattoo splash from the hip down to the foot, making an amazing and eye catching piece!

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

9. Red Bird Leg Tattoo

The long vibrant red feathers trail down this leg in a smashing full leg sleeve.

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

10. Biomechanical Leg Tattoo

Half leg sleeve tattoos can also look pretty amazing, and this biomechanical leg tattoo is no exception.

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

11. Black and Gray Leg Tattoo for Women

Intricate black and gray leg sleeve tattoos are a beautiful option for women, especially when they include feminine aspects like butterflies.

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

12. Mermaid Leg Sleeve Tattoos

You’d really have to have quite a love for mermaids to consider leg sleeve tattoos like these!

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

13. Skull Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Slightly more macabre than the other leg sleeve tattoos, you still have to admire this leg inked with skulls, even if it really isn’t your taste.

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

14. Super Hero Leg Tattoo

Super heroes — when you can’t pick just one…

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

15. Dragon Leg Sleeve Tattoo

This full leg dragon tattoo is simply stunning and utterly breathtaking!

leg sleeve tattoosImage Source

Leg sleeve tattoo designs can be just about anything a person’s heart desires. Some people prefer simple black and gray designs, while others might opt to go with something a little more comfortable. Styles range from Japanese to new school to traditional and everything in between. A good tattoo artist can design a smashing leg sleeve tattoo to suit almost anyone’s tastes!

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