12 Awesome Pizza Tattoos


When polls are taken about the world’s most favorite food, can you all guess what the number one choice always turns out to be? If you’re thinking hamburger you all are incorrect because the number one food on earth is pizza! Everyone has their favorite kind of pizza, and some people adore this flat food so much they decide to get a tattoo all about it. How many of you have ever seen a pizza tattoo? Well guess what, you are about to see many!

We know that some of you truly adore eating pizza, and will eat it often. So, we have found these 12 Awesome Pizza Tattoos that we know you all are going to really love. The bonus is that you all might love a pizza tattoo enough to get one, or these tattoos just might make you hungry enough to order a pizza! Whether you get a pizza tattoo, or just order one, either way is a win-win situation. Okay, we are starting to ramble now, so its time to be quiet. Are you ready to check out the list of pizza tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

My True Love Pizza Tattoo

Some people claim that pizza is their one and only true love, and this tattoo shows it in a tasty way.

My True Love Pizza TattooMy True Love Pizza Tattoo

Gooey Pepperoni Pizza Slice Tattoo

Who doesn’t love a gooey slice of pizza? With this tattoo, the cheese is nice and drippy, and this is one tasty slice of pizza tattoo.

Gooey Pepperoni Pizza Slice TattooGooey Pepperoni Pizza Slice Tattoo

Don’t Mess with Pizza Texas Shaped Tattoo

The state of Texas has a slogan about litter, and who knew that that slogan could be altered into a pizza tattoo? What do you all think of this tattoo?

Don't Mess with Pizza Texas Shaped TattooDon’t Mess with Pizza Texas Shaped Tattoo

Pizza Forever Tattoo

Oh my check out this tasty tattoo, and the owner of it wants the world to know that pizza is something they will never stop eating and will love it forever.

Pizza Forever TattooPizza Forever Tattoo

Pizza Rules Everything Around Me Tattoo

Some people will always be ruled by a slice of pizza, and this tattoo is letting the world know that.

Pizza Rules Everything Around Me TattooPizza Rules Everything Around Me Tattoo

True Love Never Dies Pizza Tatto

Do you all know that true love never dies? While that old saying may be true, the fact is that it can apply to love of pizza too!

True Love Never Dies Pizza TattoTrue Love Never Dies Pizza Tatto

Tiny Pizza Slice Ankle Tattoo

Aww here is a couple that shows their mutual love of pizza by having matching ankle tattoos put on their bodies. Would you all ever consider getting a tattoo like this with your significant other?

Tiny Pizza Slice Ankle TattooTiny Pizza Slice Ankle Tattoo

Watch Me Rise Pizza Tattoo

While it is true that pizza dough does need time to rise, this tattoo shows a slice of pizza rising in the air with blue and green wings.

Watch Me Rise Pizza TattooWatch Me Rise Pizza Tattoo

Pizza Slice Tattoo with Hearts

Oh my, this pizza tattoo has plenty of heart, and this tattoo shows it too!

Pizza Slice Tattoo with HeartsPizza Slice Tattoo with Hearts

Pepperoni Slice Leg Tattoo

Now, this is a very simple tattoo that is on the leg, and its pretty interesting and simple, which is what some people like.

Pepperoni Slice Leg TattooPepperoni Slice Leg Tattoo

Pizza and Peacock Tattoo

Now these are two items you might not think go together, which is a peacock and a pizza, but they seem to go well together in a tattoo, don’t they?

Pizza and Peacock TattooPizza and Peacock Tattoo

Heart Shaped Pizza Tattoo

Aww now this is one way to show your true pizza love by getting a heart shaped tattoo! What do you all think of this cute heart pizza tattoo?

Heart Shaped Pizza TattooHeart Shaped Pizza Tattoo

So, were we right about being hungry after seeing these pizza tattoos? Did these tattoos surprise or impress you? If you have something to say about these pizza tattoos, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list of tattoos, we have links to even more lists below to a variety of different things. All you have to do is click one of the links, and you’ll be on a new page in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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