11 Wicked Creative Tattoo Ideas


With tattoos being so common these days, it’s easy to believe that most tattoo designs anymore are old hat. Everything, it seems, has been done. But, that’s not true! This art form is constantly evolving, with new artists and styles added to the mix every day. Truly creative tattoo ideas aren’t completely dead.

There are still some amazing and unique designs out there! All you’re really limited to is your imagination. Check out these awesome and creative tattoo ideas to see what I mean…

1. Ace of Anatomical Hearts

So much for the typical Ace of Hearts tattoo. This version with an anatomical heart really blows it out of the water!

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

2. Child’s Artwork Tattoo

Parents looking for creative tattoo ideas really have to look no further than their child’s art wall…

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

3. Strong Arm Extension Tattoo

Arm extension designs are super creative tattoo ideas that are catching on and becoming quite trendy!

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

4. Dot to Dot Tattoo

How about a creative tattoo that lets you be a kids again and create a fun picture by connecting the dots?

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

5. Bees’ Knees Tattoo

Some of these creative tattoo ideas are just the bees’ knees, aren’t they?

creative tattoo ideasImage Source


6. The Giving Tree Tattoo

Bookworm types might look to their old favorite children’s books for some inspiration for creative tattoo ideas!

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

7. Shaved Head Tattoos

Very few people would suspect that you have a tattoo hidden under all of that hair, especially if you’re a lady with long hair!

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

8. Optical Illusion Skull Tattoo

Optical illusion tattoos are definitely creative tattoo ideas; they can be looked at so many different ways!

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

9. Snake Infinity Tattoo

This simple yet creative design is a beautiful blend of an ouroboros snake and infinity symbol.

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

10. Skull Ear Tattoo

Sometimes creative tattoo ideas aren’t about the design but the placement, like this unusual skull ear tattoo.

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

11. Tattoo and Piercing Combo

Adding a microdermal piercing as an accent to a tattoo isn’t something that you see every day, making this an amazing and creative body art option!

creative tattoo ideasImage Source

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