10 Creepy and Creative Skull Tattoo Designs


Skull tattoos still remain one of the most popular and most requested tattoo designs today. There’s just something about a fleshless face that fascinates people I guess. Tattoos of skulls come in all shapes and forms, from fun cartoon skulls to super realistic skulls. Skulls with roses, skulls on fire, and skulls covered in rotting flesh—if you spend enough time looking at tattoos, you’ve seen them all. Maybe…

For some, the basic skull tattoo is just too…well, basic. More creative types might prefer more creative skull tattoo designs! The following skull tattoos are just that—creative and pretty amazing! They take the concept of a basic skull tattoo and really kick it up a notch or two!

1. Watercolor Skull Tattoo

A splattering of soft colors forms a pretty, feminine, and creative skull tattoo! A perfect option for those artistic skull lovers among us.

creative skull tattooImage Source

2. Bold Line Tattoo Design

Designing this creative skull tattoo design must have taken forever, but the final result was absolutely worth it! The curvature and varying thickness of the lines not only forms the shape of the skull, but also creates a 3D effect.

creative skull tattooImage Source

3. Skull in a Mirror Tattoo

There’s something more than a little creepy about looking into a mirror and seeing a skull peering back at you. There’s also a little tribute to one of Hollywood’s favorite cannibals; do you see it?

creative skull tattooImage Source

4. Hand and Flower Skull Tattoo

Here’s an interesting and creative twist on the classic flower and skull tattoos you normally see. This creative skull tattoo can be looked at a couple of different ways. The leaves, flowers, and hands are a tattoo by themselves, but they also form the shape of a skull.

creative skull tattooImage Source

5. Skull Womb Tattoo

This creative skull tattoo reminds me of the endless circle of life, from birth to death, over and over again. It’s definitely one of the more unusual and creative skull tattoo designs out there.

creative skull tattooImage Source

6. Butterfly Skull Tattoo

This creative skull tattoo design is a great option for those ladies who just aren’t satisfied with a simple girly butterfly tattoo. The red eyes also give it a nice pop of color and a great ominous vibe!

creative skull tattooImage Source

7. Ocean Pier Skull Tattoo

Another great illusion skull tattoo, this amazing design is actually two designs in one. The first main design is that of children playing on an old ocean pier holding balloons. This image, however, is designed in such a way that it creates an interesting skull design as well.

creative skull tattooImage Source

8. Optical Illusion Skull Tattoo

Optical illusions make for some interesting tattoo designs! This creative skull tattoo is actually the quite popular L‘amour de Pierrot skull illusion.

creative skull tattooImage Source

9. Skull Hand to Face Tattoo

Wanna really freak out your friends? Get a realistic tattoo of the bottom half of a skull on your hand and hold it up to your face. You won’t even need a costume for Halloween!

creative skull tattooImage Source

10. Half Skull Half Face Tattoo

Half skull and half face tattoos are creepy and amazing at the same time! These are usually designed with beautiful women, which is a nice contrast to the ghastly skulls.

creative skull tattooImage Source

If you’re considering a skull tattoo, you might want to broaden your horizons a little. There’s more than just your basic skull designs out there. A good tattoo artist can help you come up with some pretty amazing creative skull tattoo designs, so don’t be afraid to ask for something a little different.

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