15 Watermelon Nail Designs for Summer


Summertime is a time for sun and fun, picnics and cookouts..and watermelon, of course! A fun summer nail art design, watermelons are cute, colorful, and fun! Watermelon nail designs are easily created with some pink, green, white, and black nail polish. Many watermelon nail designs are super simple to do, and they’re—more often than not—a sure way to get compliments from friends and strangers alike.

Want to give watermelon nail designs a shot? Take a look at this fun collection for a little inspiration!

1. Simple Watermelon Nails

Pink and green nail polish is all you really need for cute and summery watermelon nails.

watermelon nail designsSimple Watermelon Nails

2. Water Marble Watermelon Nail Designs

Looking for unique watermelon nail designs? Use pink, white, and green polish for a nifty watermelon water marble!

watermelon nail designsWater Marble Watermelon Nail Designs

3.  3D Glitter Water Marble Watermelon Nails

Add a little glitter polish and some rhinestones for some sparkly 3D watermelon nails!

watermelon nail designs3D Glitter Water Marble Watermelon Nails

4.  Negative Space Watermelon Nail Art

The negative space nail trend is hot right now! Combining this trend and some watermelon inspired nail art for a modern twist on a summer favorite!

watermelon nail designsNegative Space Watermelon Nail Art

5. Watermelon Nail Tips

French tips are a classic nail art design. Jazz them up with some watermelon designs!

watermelon nail designsWatermelon Nail Tips

6. Simple Watermelon Nail Art

Another basic and simple watermelon nail art design.

watermelon nail designsSimple Watermelon Nail Art

7. Watermelon Slices as Nail Art

Don’t you just want to take a bite out of these juicy looking watermelon slices?

watermelon nail designsWatermelon Slices as Nail Art

8. Pastel Gradient Watermelon Nails

Pretty pastels just scream summer in this subtle watermelon nail design.

watermelon nail designsPastel Gradient Watermelon Nails

9.  Watermelon Accent Nail

Don’t have the time to create a full watermelon manicure? Try a single accent nail.

watermelon nail designsWatermelon Accent Nail

10. Watermelon Rind Accent Nail

Green polish can make a nice watermelon rind accent nail.

watermelon nail designsWatermelon Rind Accent Nail

11. Watermelon Themed Manicure

Pink polish with black polka dots and messy green stripes combine to create a super cute watermelon themed manicure!

watermelon nail designsWatermelon Themed Manicure

12. Cute Watermelon Nails

Watermelon nails don’t have to be complex to be cute!

watermelon nail designsCute Watermelon Nails

13. Watermelon Toenails

Don’t forget your little piggies!

watermelon nail designsWatermelon Toenails

14. Watermelon Stiletto Nails

Jazz up stiletto nails with some watermelon nail art!

watermelon nail designsWatermelon Stiletto Nails

15. Outlined Watermelon Nail Design

Pink nails outlined in green and white look just like yummy watermelon, no?

watermelon nail designsOutlined Watermelon Nail Design

If you’re looking for a fun summer nail art design, make sure you give these watermelon nail designs a shot! Most of them are easy to create and they’re a fun design to wear!

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