15 Easy Nail Art Designs for Summer

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Easy nail art designs are great any time of the year, but they’re especially fun for summer! When the weather turns warm, we can throw off those gloves and dig out the flip-flops. It’s the perfect time to have a little fun and show of our nail art skills!

Easy summer nail art designs can be created with all different colors. Bright colors, neons, and pastels are perfect for creating summer nail art! You can also add just about any design from basic lines and shapes to more complex summer-themed images. But, we’re just going to stick with some easy nail art designs for summer today. Most of these can be created with nail polish and nail art tools you already have. The designs may look complex at first glance, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see that they’re really very easy nail art designs to pull off!

Now, onto some of the most intense, yet easy, nail art designs to sport for summer!

1. White and Rainbow Striped Nail Art

These bright colors just scream summer fun! To pull off this look, paint your nails with a white base, and thin nail brushes to create stripes. You can also place several strips of nail art striping tape on your nails and carefully paint a different color between them.

summer nails 1Looking Fancy

2. Pastel Gradient Nail Art

For those of you who are looking for more subdued easy nail art designs for summer, we have this pastel gradient design. Gradient nail art is usually created by painting overlapping stripes onto a small piece of sponge and pressing it onto the nails. Use a white base coat to make the colors more noticeable.

summer nails 2We Heart It

3. Simple Colored Dots Nail Art

These easy nail art designs also start with a couple of coats of white nail polish. When it has dried completely, use a nail dotting tool to add a row of dots along the tips of the nails. Use a single color on all of the nails, or make the dots on each nail a different color.

summer nails 3Fab Nail Art Designs

4. White and Blue Beachy Nail Art

Who loves the beach?! Me too! This beach white and blue gradient nail art is created sponging white and blue nail polish onto the nail. You can beach it up even more by using a thin nail brush or a nail polish striper to draw a little palm tree on one finger.

Summer nails 4Globe Views

5. Dripping Summer Nail Art Designs

Make some cute easy nail art designs with a dripping effect by dabbing random dots on the nail and connecting it to the tip of the nail.

summer nails 5Daily Women Talks

6. Nautical Nail Art With Blue Stripes and Anchor

A nautical nail art design can be created easily by simply adding some royal blue stripes to white nails. Make it pop even more by painting an anchor on one of your fingers. I like the gold polish used to create the anchor here, but you can also use silver, black, blue, or any other color you have.

summer nails 6Daily Women Talks

7. Bumble Bee Nail Art Design

How adorable is this bumble bee nail art design?! This may be one of the more difficult easy nail art designs, but if you have a steady hand, you should be able to create this bumble bee in flight with a nail striper. Add a few black dots on adjacent nails to show motion.

summer nails 7Kelly Nails It

8. Sunny Nail Art Designs

Give a nod to the summer son with this cute sunny nail art design! Paint your nails sky blue and use a small nail art brush or striper to create yellow suns. You can create suns on all of your nails, or you can just put a single sun on one or two nails.


summer nails 8Women Daily Magazine

9. Watermelon Nail Art

This watermelon nail art design looks complicated, but it’s so easy! Start with bright pink nails, paint the tips green, and use black nail polish to create watermelon seeds.

Summer nails 9Women Daily Magazine

10. Ice Cream Cone Nail Art Designs

What’s summer without ice cream cones? You can create ice cream cones in all sorts of flavors by painting half circles on the tips of the nails of one hand and brown triangles on the tips of the nails on the other hand. If you feel like getting really creative, you can also add sprinkles with nail stripers and cherries on top of your cones with a nail dotting tool.

summer nails 10MTV Style

11. Mermaid Nail Art for Summer

This cute mermaid nail art design is perfect for summer, especially if you live int he water! Start with a light blue to dark blue gradient nail and use a nail art stamper to add the fish scales. Cover it with a glitter clear coat to add a little sparkle. If you don’t have a nail art stamper, stretching a bath pouf on the nail and painting over should produce a similar scale effect.

summer nails 11Youtube

12. Mismatched Neon Summer Nail Art

This is probably one of the easiest nail art designs for summer! Just paint each your nails a different bright neon color. That’s it!

summer nails 12All For Fashion Design

13. Neon Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Create some neon polka dots on white nails for a fun and super easy summer nail art design!

summer nails 13Normandlou

14. Blue Dots on Neon Yellow Nails

Jazz up some bright, bright neon yellow nails with different sized neon blue polka dots. Add a little dept to your dots with a small dab of neon yellow on top.

summer nails 14Priscile

15. Easy Nail Art Designs With Colorful French Tips

Finally, who says that French tips have to be white? Shake up your boring French tip nail art routine by adding a little color this summer. You can use a pretty pink, cool blue, funky orange, or sunny yellow instead. Or, if you can’t choose just one color, use all of them!

summer nails 15Feminiya

I hope you got a little inspiration for some easy nail art designs for summer! When you’re doing summer nail art designs, just remember to keep it light and fun! It’s a great time to bring out the neon nail polish or that funky yellow polish that you normally don’t use. Save the dark polish nail art for fall and winter.

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