10 Neon Nail Art Designs to Add a Little Color to Your Summer

neon nail art designs 10

Woo hoo! Summer is here, which means it’s time to break out the neon nail polish!

Neon nail art designs are perfect for summer nails. They’re bright, cheerful, and funky! Perfect for hanging out in the backyard or hitting the beach. You can use one neon color, or mix ’em up for some neon rainbow fun.

Neon nail polish can be a little sheer, though. For the best and brightest colors in your neon nail art designs, use a white polish or base coat first. The white background really makes the colors pop!

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for neon nail designs, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the best and brightest neon nail art designs on the web!

1. Neon Yellow Nails With Orange Tips

This neon yellow nail polish is super cute and super bright! The overwhelming neon brightness is broken up a little though, with curved orange tips and a fun black swirl design on the ring finger.

neon nail art designs 1Acrylic Nail Designs

2. Neon Water Marble Nail Art

Water marble neon nail art designs look amazing, and they’re easier than they look! These are perfect funky designs if you can’t choose just one neon color.

neon nail art designs 2Buzznet

3. Neon Gradient Nail Art

If gradient nails are ore your thing, you can also try this cute neon rainbow gradient nail art.

neon nail art designs 3I Heart My Nail Art

4. Diagonal Neon Polka Dot Nail Art

Polka dots are another fun and simple nail art design to try. These diagonal neon polka dots just scream “summer fun”!

neon nail art designs 4Buzznet


5. Neon Nail Art Designs With Multi-Colored Tips

Neon tips are fun summer nail designs, but these multi-colored neon nail tips take it to the next level! The two neon colors on each nail tip are separated by white and black lines, which can easily be drawn on with a nail striper.

neon nail art designs 5Styles at Life

6. Glitter Gradient Neon Nail Tips

Here’s another neon nail art design that uses all of the neon colors in the rainbow! This time, the nail tips are colored with a neon gradient and a glitter clear coat is added for a little extra sparkle.

neon nail art designs 6CuteDIYProjects.com

7. Feathered Neon Lines Nail Art

The white background on these nails make the feathered neon lines really stand out! This design can easily be done with a thin nail striper and different neon nail polishes.

neon nail art designs 7Pinterest

8. Gradient Neon Nails With Rhinestones

If you want to add a little bling to your neon nail art designs, all it takes is a few rhinestones. This neon mani also has a glitter clear coat for added sparkle.

neon nail art designs 8Become Gorgeous

9. Hot Pink Nails With Jeweled Statement Nail

Statement nails are a hot nail trend right now, and this hot pink mani does it right! To accent the bright neon pink polish, the ring finger is covered in sparkly rhinestones!

neon nail art designs 9We Heart It

10. Neon French Manicure With Half Moons

Can’t decide between a neon French mani or a neon half moon mani? Why not try both? This cute neon nail art starts with a nude polish, but it would also look stunning on bare nails.

neon nail art designs 10Pix Shark


How were those for some bright neon nail art designs? Hopefully you got some great inspiration to add a lot of color to your digits. And remember—don’t be afraid of a little color this summer! Neon nail art designs are a fun choice for just about anyone. You can wear neon nails on long nails, short nails, round nails, and squovals—whatever your style is!

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