16 Realistic Character Design Illustrations


Take some 3D software and mix in some creative suite products and you have an unstoppable combination. While the end result produces a 2D image the fact that the base is built with programs like Zbrush allows you to create a new scene by simply changing the angle and maybe a slight re-posing. If this were done totally in Photoshop (which one or two of these are) then it’s starting from the ground up if you need to make a pose adjustment and I can’t imagine starting over from scratch with something so detailed.

Artwork 01

Portrait of Nathan

Artwork 02


Artwork 03

Eduardo Oliden

Artwork 04

Viki Yeo

Artwork 05

do you want fries with that?

Artwork 06

Nicolas Boyer

Artwork 07

Some Like it Cold

Artwork 08

Benjamin Linus


Artwork 09

Max Wahyudi

Artwork 10


Artwork 11

Open Green

Artwork 12

Stephen David Molyneaux

Artwork 13

Angelina Jolie

Artwork 14

Sarah Rose Oliver

Artwork 15

Yu Cheng Qu

Artwork 16

Young Chimp


  1. w0w! . . can you please tell me how to design a character like on tekken? I’m a big fan of yours. . . please design alisa bosconovitch , , , make her hair look blueish and all curly and short . . . please wanna see the results of that of that. . . . THANKS . . .

  2. Thank you for this post! I love these, because I like to look through them and get ideas for myself. More showcase articles.

  3. Really a great collections of realistic character design illustrations i liked the illustrations 13 and 14 its
    beautiful and looks so real thank for sharing…….


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