16 of the Greatest Google Doodles 1998-2011


Here are some of the best Google doodles to grace our screens since 1998.

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Jun 15, 2011

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse. Live imagery provided by Slooh. – (Global).

Les Paul’s 96th Birthday (Global) – Jun 09, 2011

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

Les Paul, the creator of the legendary Gibson guitar that bears his name, would have been 96 years old on June 09th, 2011.

May 9, 2011

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

What’s better than a Google Doodle, that was kind of a doodle to begin with! This logo pays tribute to Roger Hargreaves who authored some very notable children’s books, the most popular of which were there Mr. Men and Little Miss series.

November 27, 2010

This Google Doodle came out in November of 2010, and was only shown in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It depicts Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee, and commemorates what would have been his 70th birthday.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss – March 2, 2009

Theodor Seuss Geisel is one of the most popular children’s book authors of all time. If his name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because most of the world knows him as Dr. Seuss!

50th Anniversary of Nasa (US) – July 29, 2008


The U.S. Space Agency known as NASA was signed into law on July 29th, 1958 by President Eisenhower. Google paid tribute by celebrating NASA’s 50th birthday in 2008 with this space themed doodle.

Yuri Gagarin – April 12, 2007

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011


Yuri Gagarin became the first Human being to venture into outer space, when his Russian Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit around the Earth on April 12, 1961.

Louis Braille’s Birthday – January 04, 2006

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

This cool looking doodle was put out to celebrate Louis Braille’s Birthday in 2006. At the young age of 15, Louis invented “Braille” which is a system for reading & writing for people that are blind or visually impaired.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday – April 15, 2005

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

Leonardo Da Vinci is widely considered the definition of a “Renaissance Man.” He was a painter, sculptor, musician, scientist, engineer, geologist, and mathematician among other things. This doodle incorporates some of his famous works like the Mona Lisa, and the Vitruvian Man.

Ray Charles – September 23, 2004

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

Ray Charles is widely regarded as a pioneer in the Soul music genre. He may have lost his eyesight at an early age, but that never slowed Ray down. He’s in countless top 100 lists (always towards the top) for the greatest singers and artists of all time.

Albert Einstein’s Birthday – March 14, 2003

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

Albert Einstein has one of the most brilliant minds the world has ever seen. He developed the Theory of Relativity, and forever changed the way we think about Physics today!

Happy Birthday Picasso – Oct 25, 2002

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

Pablo Picasso is one of the most popular artists of the 20th century. He gained fame for co-founding the Cubist movement, along with the wide variety of styles he created and explored with his impressive works of Art.

Nobel Peace Prize

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

I’m sure most everyone has heard of the Nobel Peace Prize which is given each year to people or organizations that resolve a conflict or create peace. Some notable winners of the award are Theodore Roosevelt, Jane Addams, The Red Cross, The Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa.

2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

I liked this doodle as it represents several awesome things; mainly the Olympics, Kangaroo’s and Soccer. This was put out as part of a series in 2000 to commemorate the Olympic games that were held in Sydney, Australia that year.

Season’s Greetings – December 25, 1999

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

This was a Global Holiday Doodle that Google put out on Christmas in 1999. It was on the second year for Doodles, and there were only around 5 put out that year.

Burning Man Festival – August 30, 1998

Little Miss Google Doodle May 9th 2011

This is the Doodle that started it all! Put out in 1998 by Google founders Larry & Sergy when they fooled around with the corporate logo to show that they were in attendance at the popular “Burning Man” music festival. It started with this one and 13 years later, there are over 300 Google Doodles done for the Google’s U.S. site and 700 internationally.


  1. Half of these aren’t even that good. To have a list like this and not mention the Google Doodle in remembrance of Alphonse Mucha is proof that this list was made with no effort.

  2. I love the “Bruce Lee” doodle. I’m a big fan of martial arts movies that’s why I really love Jackie Chan and Jet Li too.

  3. I love the creativity of google in changing its doodle according day really its great to have a collections of all the google doodle from 1998 to 2011 thanks for sharing,,,,,


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