Beautiful Illustrations by Arthur Sarnoff – I.D. 93


Arthur Sarnoff was born in 1912 in Brooklyn, New York and was an American Artist. Prior to working as an illustrator, he studied at Grand Central School of Art in New York City. His portfolio includes extensive commercial work for weekly magazines and his art appeared in a variety of advertising campaigns including Karo Syrup, Dextrose, Lucky Strike, Coors, Camay, Sal Hepatica, Listerine, Vick’s Vapo Rub, etc. He also made an album cover for the American punk band Butthole Surfers for one of their album.

Check out his ultimate work. Arthur Sarnoff’s work was vagarious and affiancing and relied heavily upon themes of Americana and slapstick humor. One of his paintings, “The Hustler”, one was the best-selling prints of the 1950s. He was also known to have painted portraits of famous individuals such as Bob Hope and John F. Kennedy.

Inspirational Work 1

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 1

Inspirational Work 2

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 2

Inspirational Work 3

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 3

Inspirational Work 4

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 4


Inspirational Work 5

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 5

Inspirational Work 6

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 6

Inspirational Work 7

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 7

Inspirational Work 8

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 8

Inspirational Work 9

Illuminated Illustrator Arthur Sarnoff 9

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  1. hi i have a old panting by Arthur sarnoff called “the hustler” and was jst wondering if you could tell me how much it would b worth aprox please reply

    yours thankfuly bel

  2. Hi,
    I have two old pantings by Arthur sarnoff called “Jack The Ripper“ and ”Hey! One Leg On The Floor” and I was just wondering if you could tell me how much they would b worth aprox.
    Please reply


  3. I’ve inherited a bunch of bar sign collectibles and the like, and have been searching for info on the one piece I have. Its a Coors Light “Dogs Playing Poker” on a felt banner. It’s signed by Arthur Sarnoff. I can’t seem to fnd one like it online anywhere. If anyone has any information on this, whether you think it is silly or not, please get ahold of me.

  4. looking for poster called Jackpot, 3 dogs playing a slot machine, what year poster came out,
    and what one might cost, thanks

  5. Great illustrations by Arthur i really liked the inspirational work 9 one its really beautiful and you really have made a nice collections of illustrations thanks for sharing………:)


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