9 of the Most Embarrassing Celebrity Bad Tattoo Ideas Ever


If you thought that celebrities received shelter from the world from a large group of bodyguards, managers, agents and handlers, then you’re right. They live a life of luxury and get to avoid certain discomforts that the rest of us have to go through. The only thing it seems like they are not completely guarded against is getting bad tattoos.

Celebrities as famous as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have bad tattoos, as well as lesser known reality show contestants and c-listers. Sometimes they get their bad tattoos covered up with surgery and cosmetics and other times they live with their mistakes. Check out these celebrities with bad tattoos for a look into the funnier side of Hollywood.

Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold kicks off the list of dumb celebrity tattoos with his iconic portrait of his ex-wife, Roseanne Barr, that he still proudly displays on his chest. This bad tattoo is probably the reason he was kicked off her show in the 1990’s.


Steve-O is a clown, and deliberately gets bad tattoo ideas permanently inked on his body whenever possible. His two worst tattoo ideas are the giant portrait of himself on his back and the tattoo he received while riding in a Humvee through a rough desert terrain.

Fred Durst

Fred Durst is one of the least liked people in all of rock music. He draws the ire of fans across the world even more by getting bad tattoos like his chest portrait of Kurt Cobain and Elvis.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx may be one of the most talented actors around, and his tribal tattoos look pretty cool on his back and shoulders, but the bad tattoo he has on his head doesn’t make much sense. He will always have to cover it up for his future roles if they call for very short hair.

Hayden Panettiere

While at a distance, Hayden’s tattoo ideas for a cool calligraphic font quote doesn’t look bad, at closer inspection you can tell that she had the quote “Live Without Regrets“ misspelled on her back.


Hayden Panettiere


Ke$ha has never been known for her subtlety and she shows it off loud and proud with a lip tattoo that simply says “Suck It.“

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson may have one of the dumbest bad tattoos in existence with his prominent facial tribal tattoo. Why he got this tribal tattoo is only known amongst the group of neurons that somehow operates inside of Mike Tyson’s brain.

Ryan Cabrera

This singer/songwriter/pretty-boy has recently gotten his fair share of tattoos. The most perplexing tattoo he sports is one of Ryan Gosling on his calf.

Ryan Cabrera

Scarlett Johanson

Arguably the most famous person on this list, Scarlett Johansson is not immune from getting bad tattoos. Though she might have been named “Most Beautiful Woman in the World“ several times over, she sports a horseshoe rib tattoo with the words “Lucky You“ that looks like it was inked by an amateur.

Scarlett Johanson


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