8 Symbolic Wrist Tattoos for Men


When it comes to cool wrist tattoos, it sometimes seems like women have all of the fun with calligraphic fonts and other tattoo scripts that some men deem too girly. If you are looking for a more masculine approach to getting ink on your wrist, check out some of these ideas to get you started. Not only are they cool to look at, each one holds a deep, symbolic meaning that goes beyond a simple tattoo quote.

Illuminati Eye Tattoo

The “All Seeing“ eye is omnipresent on Freemason temples, the one dollar bill and even as the character Sauron in “The Lord of the Rings.“ The symbol is actually known as The Eye of Providence and is symbolic of keeping a watch over all of mankind’s activities.

illuminati eye
Illuminati Eye

Owl Tattoo

In Native American folklore, the owl represents wisdom, foresight and knowledge. In Ancient Greek mythology, the owl was a symbol of wealth, status and intelligence. Getting an owl wrist tattoo can be symbolic of all of these traits, and it can also help you get into a Chicago nightclub called The Owl.

Celtic Cross Tattoo

A Celtic cross wrist tattoo is a great way to express your heritage if you happen to be Irish. Legend has it that the cross was used by Saint Patrick when he came to the island in Medieval times.

celtic cross
Celtic Cross


Treble and Bass Clef Tattoos

While the symbolism for treble and bass tattoos may not run as deep as mythological symbols, they are excellent tattoo ideas if you are a serious musician looking to express your love for composing and performing.

Phoenix Tattoo

A phoenix tattoo is an excellent addition to your wrist if you have ever felt like you’ve gotten a second chance. The phoenix is traditionally associated with renewal and rebirth. A good tattoo idea would be to start with a base of flames by your palm with the phoenix rising out of them up onto your forearm.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo

The infinity symbol is commonly associated with an unlimited quantity or a notion without any bounds or ends.

Tree Tattoo with Roots

Are you concerned about the environment? Do you feel one with the earth? Show off your commitment to environmentalism by planting a tree on your wrist. You can expand on this type of wrist tattoo by including roots on the palm of your hand.

Tree Tattoo

Feather and Bird Tattoos

Feathers have many symbolic meanings over many different cultures. Native Americans believe they deal with ascension of the spirit to a higher plane of existence and the Celtic Druids believed they were a tool to help communicate with the sky gods for wisdom and knowledge. Feather wrist tattoos are also symbolic for writers due to the use of quill pens that wrote some of the world’s most influential literature.



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