8 Cool Forearm Tattoos for Women


Tattoos have moved from a counter-culture phenomenon to the perfect fashion accessory that goes with every type of outfit. Whether you are rocking a tank and jeans or a dress, a forearm tattoo adds more personality and flare to your personal style than any piece of jewelry ever could. Check out these cool forearm tattoos for women to get a basic idea of what you want before visiting a tattoo parlor.

Eclipse Forearm Tattoo

This clever moon tattoo utilizes both of your forearms to demonstrate the entire lunar cycle. If you are committed to getting an entire piece, enjoy dressing in casual/hippie clothing and have an interest in the moon’s role for life on this planet, this is a nice addition to your body.


Ascending Nautical Star Forearm Tattoo

Nautical star tattoos can be seen everywhere and they may seemingly never go out of style. They are perfect accessories if you have a punk aesthetic and grew up listening to bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New.

ascending star
Ascending Stars

Flock of Birds Forearm Tattoo

For a more elegant tattoo for women, consider getting a flock of birds forearm tattoo. You can get basic outlines of a flock of birds flying up your forearm in ascending sizes starting from your wrist.

flock of birds
Flock of Birds

Owl Forearm Tattoo

Owls symbolize wisdom and knowledge and also look great as a forearm tattoo. Check out this example of an owl that starts at the wrist and extends past the pit. It also features a cool heart in its chest that symbolizes life and vitality.


Owl Tattoo

Twin Roses Forearm Tattoo

If you are not sure about what type of forearm tattoo to get, you can never go wrong with roses. A couple of these on your forearm looks very feminine and the vines of the flowers can wrap around and up and down your arm for a full sleeve if you desire.

twin roses
Twin Roses

Calligraphic Script Quote Forearm Tattoo

Many women opt to get a calligraphic script quote forearm tattoo to commemorate a loved one’s memory, pay tribute to a famous song lyric or heed the advice of a literary icon. Many cool fonts are available for you to choose from at your local tattoo shop ranging from bold and dark to light and airy.

Calligraphic Script Quote

Koi Forearm Tattoo

Japanese koi ponds are the perfect place to reflect, mediate and feel serenity. Getting a koi tattoo on your forearm can help keep you level throughout the day and remind you to take it easy whenever you feel too stressed out.

koi tattoo

Geometric Pattern Tattoo

If all else fails, your local tattoo artist can design a cool geometric pattern that covers your entire forearm. These types of tattoos are intricate and mezmerizing additions and make great converstation for any situation you may find yourself in.

Geometric Pattern



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