17 Quick Nail Art Designs for When You’re in a Rush

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We don’t always have time to paint complicated nail art designs, nor do we always have time to wait for the polish to dry. Just because you’re short on time, doesn’t mean you have to go without pretty nails. There are lots of quick nail art designs you can do when you’re short on time that don’t take forever to complete. Combine these quick nail art designs with some quick drying nail polish, and you’ll be out the door lickety split!

Need some quick nail art designs in a pinch? Ready…set…GO!

1. Rhinestones on Natural Nails

First up, we have rhinestones on natural nails. This manicure requires nothing more than a quick drying clear polish followed by some careful rhinestone placement. You can add another coat of clear polish to protect the rhinestones, but if they’re glued on securely, it isn’t necessary. WHen it comes to quick nail art designs, you can’t get much quicker or simpler than this!

quick nail art designs 1Cuticles & Curves

2. Black Nail Tips on Nude Nails

When you’re looking for quick nail art designs, nude nail polish colors are nice because they’re very forgiving, especially if you don’t have tons of time to clean the skin around the nails. This nail art design is nothing more than a nude polish and diagonal black tips with a couple of rhinestones. But, it still looks fantastic!

quick nail art designs 2We Follow Pics

3. Glitter Tips and Black Dots on Natural Nails

Clean and filed natural nails are the perfect base for quick nail art designs. Create a fast and fun look by painting the tips of your nails with a glitter topcoat and add a few different sized dots to the side of the nail.

quick nail art designs 3Stylespk.com

4. Water Droplet Nail Art

This next manicure looks like it has water droplets clinging to the nails. This effect is created by adding drops of clear nail polish over a base color. Use a quick drying clear coat for a faster nail art design.

quick nail art designs 4DIY With Madi

5. Thumb to Pinkie Ombre Nails

Don’t have time to blend, blend, blend with a sponge? Try this quick twist on ombre nails! Paint each of your nails a different shade of the same color, starting with the darkest on the thumb and ending with the lightest on the pinkie.

quick nail art designs 5Lin’s Lacquer

6. Messy Stripes Nail Art

This next quick nail art design is actually a candy cane nail art design, but you can use any colors you want. Start by painting your nails a light base color and let them dry. Then, place thin strips of tape across the nails and paint over them with another color. Remove the tape and you have fun messy stripes on your nails.

quick nail art designs 6Zesty Fashion

7. Quick Nail Art Designs With Sharpie Markers

Sharpie markers make great tools for quick nail art designs! To copy this look, use a metallic Sharpie marker to make polka dots on your nails. You can also use other colors of Sharpie markers to create fun designs. Give them a spritz of hairspray to keep the designs from smearing when you add a top coat, brush on a quick drying topcoat, and you’re done!

quick nail art designs 7Lauras All Made Up

8. No Water Marble Nail Art

Water marble nail art designs are actually very easy and quick to do, but if you don’t have the time to clean up your fingers afterward, try this no water method. Paint your nails one color, and add drops of another color to your nail before it dries. Swirl the colors together with a nail dotter or toothpick for easy and quick nail art designs that look like they took forever!

quick nail art designs 8Nail Lacquer UK


Here’s another nice example of this technique….

quick nail art designs 14Health.Testatour.net

9. Fan Brush Nail Art

Start with your nails painted a light base color for this type of nail art. Then, dip the bristles of a fan brush into a different color of nail polish and brush it across your nails. You can use just one color or add several layers of stripes with the fan brush. Add a quick drying top coat to protect your new mani.

quick nail art designs 9YouTube

10. Statement Nails

Don’t have time for complicated nail art designs on all of your nails? Try adding a little bling or a fun nail art design to just one nail. Most people use the ring finger as a statement nail, but you can choose any finger.

quick nail art designs 10Beaut.ie

11. Gradient Glitter Nail Art

Paint a third of your nail with a glitter top coat and let it dry. Use a makeup sponge to dab on a glitter gradient to complete the look.

quick nail art designs 11Popsugar

12. Cloudy Sky Nail Art

Cloudy sky nail designs are great quick nail art designs! Start with a light sky blue nail polish, and use a makeup sponge to dab on white nail polish to look like clouds.

quick nail art designs 12Did My Nails

13. Nail Stripe Tape Designs

Having nail stripe tape on hand makes pulling off quick nail art designs even easier! Just press it on, add a clear quick drying topcoat, and you’re done!

quick nail art designs 13Easy Nail Designs

14. Half Moon Nail Designs

If your old polish is chipped and you don’t have time for a new nail design, try this awesome tip. Cover the top half of your nail with a round sticker, like this binder hole reinforcement sticker, and paint the bottom half a different color. The result is an even half moon design and a whole new look without having to remove your polish!

quick nail art designs 15Birchbox

15. Crosshatch Nail Designs

Use a nail striper or just a regular nail polish brush to paint perpendicular lines in a crosshatch pattern for quick nail art designs.

quick nail art designs 16Wpnlondon.com

16. Quick Polka Dot Nail Art  

If you’re looking for quick nail art designs, you might be surprised with some of the items you can use to achieve these designs. Like these quick polka dot nail art designs! Find a bandage with holes and place it over your nail. aint over the bandage and remove it for fun little polka dot nails!

quick nail art designs 17Wonderful DIY

You can use a few tricks to dry your quick nail art designs faster too! First, try to use quick dry nail polish whenever possible. Most quick dry nail polishes dry to the touch in about a minute, and most are completely dry in just a few minutes. You can also use a nail polish drying spray or plain old cooking oil spray to get nail polish to dry faster. Some people also swear by dipping wet nails into ice cold water for a few minutes, but don’t underestimate the power of a hair dryer!

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