16 Beautiful Barn Wedding Venues


Couples who are engaged to be married, and planning their weddings, want to have their wedding receptions in a unique and memorable place. Now, many people rent halls, but others want to have their wedding receptions in a special place that will be unforgettable. Believe it or not, barns can make for the perfect wedding venues, and we have gathered up 16 Beautiful Barn Wedding Venues, so let’s check out them out!

We promise that one look at these barn wedding venues will make you want to get married in a barn! Are you ready to check out the list? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Barn with Lights Reception

Barns can be used as both an indoor and outdoor setting for a wedding, and this picture shows how a barn with a simple string of lights can really make a wedding reception fun!

Barn with Lights ReceptionBarn with Lights Reception

Barn Reception with Trees

One thing that couples may struggle with is the fact that they have no idea how to decorate their wedding reception. However, even the simplest of things can make a big difference. In this photo, simple trees are used for decorations, and frankly, its plenty because the barn looks amazing with just the trees.

Barn Reception with TreesBarn Reception with Trees

Barn Wedding California

This wedding took place in California, and it is truly a magical picture. The sun is coming in through the barn windows, and with the couple standing right there, and the simple barn decorations, it is a magical moment captured forever.

Barn Wedding CaliforniaBarn Wedding California

Blue Dress Barn Wedding Reception

A few Chinese lanterns, and some blue tablecloths, can really make a wedding reception look great. Who knew that a little color inside of a barn can make such a difference when it comes to a wedding?

BlueBlue Dress Barn Reception

Brown Barn Wedding Reception

Some couples really love the look of a rustic barn for their wedding reception, and keep their decorations to a minimal so it does not take away from it, and this picture demonstrates how less can really be more.

Brown Barn Wedding ReceptionBrown Barn Wedding Reception

Champagne Wedding Reception

Why spend a lot of money on wedding decorations when the cloths used on the tables can be used instead? This wedding used fancy flowered cloths on the tables in a gorgeous champagne color, and the barn looks great.

Champagne Wedding ReceptionChampagne Wedding Reception

Christmas Barn Wedding Reception

Barns can be used anytime of the year for weddings, even during the holiday season. A little garland and lights wrapped around the barn beams and the barn is all decorated for the wedding!

Christmas Barn Wedding ReceptionChristmas Barn Wedding Reception

Flowered Table Barn Wedding

Tablecloths can once again be the main way to decorate the barn for the wedding, and in this photograph, the tablecloths and a vase of flowers atop each table are used as the main decorations for this wedding, and they look spectacular.

Flowered Table Barn WeddingFlowered Table Barn Wedding


Loft Barn Reception

The bottom level of a barn is good, but what about up top with the loft? Believe it or not, the loft can be used for the reception as well, and this picture shows how the upper level of a barn can make for a nice reception as well.

Loft Barn ReceptionLoft Barn Reception

PA Barn Wedding

Even in a barn, couples can have things like a bar for their wedding reception. This photograph shows part of a wedding reception, and the girl is setting up a rustic looking bar for the reception.

PA Barn WeddingPA Barn Wedding

Pennsylvania Barn Wedding

Simple can be the keyword for any barn reception, and this picture shows how the decorations can be focused on the couple and how they feel for one another including using pictures of the happy couple displayed for everyone to see.

Pennsylvania Barn WeddingPennsylvania Barn Wedding

Pink Barn Wedding

The space in the barn is utilized in a very effective way, and clearly, the couple chose pink as their wedding color. The decorations are also simply, and even the lighting is just bulbs on strings, which adds something to the reception.

PinkPink Barn Wedding

Upper Loft Barn Reception

This upper loft wedding reception looks amazing, and there really isn’t much to is. There is some greenery, some lighting, and this upper loft looks fit enough for a wedding reception, or any reception!

Upper Loft Barn ReceptionUpper Loft Barn Reception

White Barn Wedding

White is the most used color when it comes to a wedding, and it can be used for more than just the dress that the bride is wearing. This photograph shows just how white can be used for decorating a barn, and there is something pure and special about it in this rustic barn setting.

White Barn WeddingWhite Barn Wedding

White Barn Wedding Reception

Who said that bales of hay have to be removed from a barn when it is the setting for a wedding reception? The bales of hay, combined with the dirt on the floor, really makes this a country wedding, and everyone is going to have a great time.

White Barn Wedding ReceptionWhite Barn Wedding Reception

White Flower Barn Wedding

People who are getting married can spend a lot of money on decorations, but that is truly not necessary when you take a look at this picture. Using white flowers, which can be easily made at home, and hung from the ceiling, together with the white tablecloths and lighting, the barn looks beautiful, warm, and welcoming for the happy couple, their family, and their closest friends.

White Flower Barn WeddingWhite Flower Barn Wedding

So, did you like the beautiful barn wedding receptions? If you liked the barn weddings, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, there are plenty more to choose from. All you have to do is click one and a link below and you’ll be taken to a new list. Now, let’s get started!

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