15 Creative Things To Do When Bored


Though many people try to avoid it, boredom can allow us some much needed time to try new things and to organize our lives. Proven to be mentally helpful, boredom also provides us with new thoughts and ideas (which can lead to great success if used correctly).

If you are like most, and often find yourself bored with nothing to do, then the list below should certainly be of help. It will not only give you some new ideas to work with, but it will also help you embrace the overall feeling, and become rather productive when you are bored.

1. Start A Project

Start A Project

Perhaps the best way to be productive when bored is to start a project. This will not only focus all of your attention on something worthwhile, but it will also help pass the time. While smaller projects help to fill smaller gaps throughout the day, longer projects keep you busy for quite some time, and give you something to look forward to when there is nothing else to do.

2. Meditate


Widely regarded as one of the best human practices, meditation will not only calm you down and make you feel great, but it will increase your health and expand you mind. Meditating does take some practice and may be tricky at first, therefore, starting out with just a few minutes each day is recommended.

Though the road to worthwhile meditation can be a lengthy process, once you master it, boredom will simply be a thing of the past!

3. Clean


Proven psychologically, cleaning is a very healthy way of passing the time, and eradicating boredom. It will also give you a cleaner space to work in, and one less chore to do when you’re busy!

4. Plan and Organize

Plan and Organize

Similar to cleaning in many ways, planning and organizing is hugely beneficial. As opposed to dwelling on the annoyance of boredom, why not organize your work space or make a list of everything you need to get done?

The easy and somewhat mindless activity of organizing has proven to not only help with boredom, but to also increase one’s productivity.

5. Exercise


Much like with meditation, it can be difficult at first. However, once you build up a solid habit of exercising, you will be amazed at how much healthier, happier, and more energetic you feel. Exercising will not only eliminate a lot of boredom from your life and give you something to look forward to each day, but it will also increase your overall well-being and allow you to meet new people.

6. Check Out YouTube

Check Out YouTube

Another great way to pass the time, and bring some joy into your day. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, YouTube can either make you laugh, help you learn, or motivate you. And fortunately, all that is needed is a good internet connection!

7. Read


As you have probably heard many of your teachers say in the past, reading is a great hobby that will make you much more intelligent. And thanks to the internet, you can now read up on just about anything.


8. Do A Puzzle

People doing a puzzle
Do A Puzzle

Though they are not used by many people anymore, the benefits of puzzles should not be overlooked. In addition to working your mental muscles and diverting your attention away from boredom, puzzles can also be fun (especially the larger and more difficult ones).

9. Take A Nap

Taking A Nap

Though it is rather unproductive, napping is a surefire way of passing the time. It’s hard to be annoyed by boredom, without being conscious!

10. Listen To Music

Listen To Music

Listen to some old bands that you have forgotten about, or better yet, look for some new ones that you haven’t listened to before. Who knows, you may even find some new groups that you like, or some new artists that you really enjoy.

11. Learn Another Language

Learn Another Language

Very challenging, yet very beneficial. Since fluently learning a new language takes a long time, it will help eradicate your boredom for years to come. Fortunately, much like with reading, the internet has made learning new languages rather simple, and allows for quick and easy online downloads.

12. Paint By Numbers

Paint By Numbers

You can order paint-by-number kits online, and also find them in many chains such as Walmart and Target. The more difficult kits often require high levels of focus, allowing you to be productive and quickly eradicate the feeling of boredom.

13. Contact An Old Friend

Contact An Old Friend

Thanks to Facebook and the internet, contacting old friends is extremely easy. Moreover, it will make you smile, and give you someone to talk to and reminisce with!

14. Origami


Origami is a very creative hobby that is fun and easy to do. A lot of neat designs can be learned online, and fortunately, with just some paper, a computer, and a pair of scissors, you can get started on most of them. This is great for rainy days at home, and is sure to make you smile!

15. Start Talking To Someone New

Start Talking To Someone New

Talking to someone new is more beneficial than you think, and fortunately, it can be done daily by just walking down the street or going to the store. Not only will taking to new people help pass the time, but it will give you some new friends to call if you wind up bored in the future.


Proven by the list above, boredom is looked at as an inconvenience, when it should be looked at as a time to grow. Instead of being jam packed with a busy schedule and no free time, you can start on any project, chore, or challenge that you’d like, while also catching up on your daily activities. So, whenever you feel disengaged or find yourself with nothing to do, just get started on one of the ideas above!


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