12 Refreshing Colored French Tips for Summer


A French manicure is a classic design. The white tips are subtle and simple, yet sophisticated and elegant. But, sometimes you want something a little more colorful and fun, especially during the summer months! If you’re still pretty partial to French tips, you can still get the look and a little color with some colored French tips!

Colored French tips can be any color you want. Use your favorite color, or use a few different colors. Bright neons make for a fun summer look, but other colors, including pastels, can also look stunning. Add a little glitter polish for some fun sparkle!

Looking for a few ideas for some colored French tips? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Orange French Tips

Orange is a bright and fun summer color! Add a bold splash of color to your nails with these orange tips!

colored french tipsImage Source

2. Orange Nails and White Tips

If you like the classic white French tips but want a splash of color too, these orange nails and white tips might be something to try. Of course, you can also use any other color you’d like.

colored french tipsImage Source

3. Colored French Tips

Why pick just one color for your colored French tips? Use a few different colors for a fun look! Add a white and silver outline to take these colored French tips to the next level.

colored french tipsImage Source

4. Pastel Colored French Tips

If you want a slightly more subdued look, try using muted pastel shades for your colored French tips.

colored french tipsImage Source

5. Yellow French Tips

Lemon yellow French tips add a splash of fun color to summer nails!

colored french tipsImage Source

6. Bright Pink French Tips

A bright pink neon ink polish makes for some super colored French tips for summer! The glitter base color is optional, but it adds some cute sparkle.

colored french tipsImage Source

7. Lime Green Nail Tips

All of your girlfriends will be green with envy when they see these colored French tips!

colored french tipsImage Source

8. Multi-color Neon French Tips

Neon polishes make some super colored French tips during the summer! If you can’t choose which color to cover your tips in, choose them all!

colored french tipsImage Source

9. Neon Gradient Glitter French Tips

Or, try some neon gradient colored French tips with a glitter topcoat.

colored french tipsImage Source

10. Colorful Zebra Print French Tips

Colorful French tips don’t have to be just one boring color. Take a walk on the wild side with these colored French tips in zebra print.

colored french tipsImage Source

11. Teal French Tips

Turquoise and teal are hot nail colors this summer. Try a modern twist on an old classic with some turquoise colored French nail tips.

colored french tipsImage Source

12. Gold and Teal French Tips

A subtle gold polish makes a great base color for these colorful teal French tips.

colored french tipsImage Source

13. Purple French Tips

The bright purple polish used on these colored French tips manicure isn’t the only reason it’s so pretty. The tips actually come to a v-shape, instead of the traditional curved or straight French tip line.

colored french tipsImage Source

Hopefully you’ve gotten some great inspiration from these colored French tips ideas and you’re ready to get out there and create your own colorful French tips.

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