14 Sweet and Amazing Matching Sister Tattoos

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The bond between sisters is ore than just blood. Sisters are best friends, confidants. and partners in crime. Friends and lovers come and go, but sisters are forever. If you have a sister, getting matching sister tattoos can strengthen that bond. It’s a reminder that you’re never alone.

If you’re thinking about getting matching tattoos with your sister, choosing the design can be somewhat difficult, since there are so many matching sister tattoo ideas out there. You want to choose something that is both attractive and beautiful. It will be something that you’ll have with you forever, and it should symbolize the love and bond you share with your sister.

We’ve rounded up some of the best sister tattoos out there to give you a little inspiration, though! Check out these matching sister tattoo ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Traditional Heart Sister Tattoos

Traditional style tattoos can make great matching sister tattoos! These heart tattoos are pretty and feminine, and the “Little Sister” and “Big Sister” make them awesome sister tattoos for younger and older sisters.

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2. Feather Infinity Matching Sister Tattoos

Since sisters are forever, infinity signs are very fitting symbols to consider when looking at matching sister tattoo ideas. These matching sister tattoos incorporate the infinity symbol as well as a pretty feather.

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3. Matching Sister Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are another great option for matching sister tattoos. These matching sister foot tattoos have “Li’l Sis” and “Big Sis” spelled out in pretty script.

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4. Lil Sis and Big Sis Connected Heart Tattoos

These two matching sister tattoos compete one larger image when put together. They would work well on the arms or legs for big and little sisters.

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5. Sisters Ornate Heart Tattoos

Ornate hearts with the word “sisters” in the middle are simple, elegant, and powerful. These designs would be great for small matching sister tattoos, and could be placed nearly anywhere on the body—wrists, ankles, shoulders, or anywhere else.

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6. Sisters Heart Foot Tattoos

These cute hearts are placed on the foot and the lines of the heart on one side sell out the word “sisters”. These are definitely cute foot tattoos, but these small sister tattoos would look great just about anywhere!

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7. Heartbeat Sister Tattoos

Sisters will forever be in your heart, and these cute matching sister tattoos symbolize that. The tattoo starts with a simple heart, then a heartbeat, then segues into the word sisters.


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8. Sister Arrow Tattoos  

These matching sister tattoos are nothing more than a few simple arrows, but the text is very fun. This particular set of matching sister tattoos if for three sisters, but it can be personalized to includes more limited edition siblings.

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9. Puzzle Sisters Tattoos

Puzzle pieces are a fun and unique idea for matching sister tattoos. The puzzle pieces complete one whole, much like sisters. These matching sister tattoos have a different colored puzzle piece in each tattoo, representing each different sister.

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10. Ornate Puzzle Piece Sister Tattoos

Love the puzzle piece sister tattoos but want something a little prettier? These next puzzle piece sister tattoos also have a beautiful matching lock and key design!

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11. Bow and Arrow Matching Sister Tattoos

These bow and arrow matching sister tattoos are unique, fun, and fierce, perfect for a powerhouse pair!

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12. Heart and Infinity Matching Shoulder Tattoos

These matching shoulder tattoos are cute and simple. The heart, symbolizing ove, and the infinity sign, symbolizing eternity, make them perfect candidates for matching sister tattoos.

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13. Matching Sister Quote Tattoos

These matching tattoos are actually two halves of one quote. On their own, each part of the quote is meaningful, but put them together, and the entire quote exemplifies sisterhood.

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14. Long Distance Sister Tattoos

Sisters are never apart in heart, but they do go their separate ways from time to time. These matching tattoos are perfect for sisters who are living in different areas.

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Inspiration for matching sister tattoos is everywhere. If you’re looking for matching sister tattoo ideas, though, sometimes the best ideas are right in front of you. You can incorporate all sorts of ideas into your sister tattoos, including childhood nicknames, favorite childhood games, symbols, and quotes. The sky is really the limit, and you can make them as fun and personal as you want.

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