12 Ways to Rock Crimped Hair 2015 Style


Ah, the 80’s… A decade of scrunchies, massive earrings, spandex, acid wash jeans, and—of course—crimped hair! Anyone who made it through the 80’s in one piece has to remembered the big crimped hair. And, if you lived through the 80’s, crimped hair probably makes you cringe a little. Okay, it might make you cringe a lot!

But, like all great fashion trends, crimped hair is not only making a comeback in 2015, it actually looks pretty great!

There have been lots of fantastic crimped hairstyles popping up all over the place, gracing everyone from runway models to Hollywood starlets to the cute girl working at the corner coffee shop. Fortunately, crimped hairstyles in 2015 aren’t a extreme and cringe worthy as they were three decades. Modern crimped hairstyles are more refined and sophisticated.

So, how do you keep from looking like you stepped out of a time machine with your crimped hair in 2015? Scroll on for some hot modern versions of crimped hairstyles!

1. Amp Up Volume and Texture

Wear crimped hair in 2015 to really amp up the voume and add texture!

crimped hairSource

2. Poufy Crimped Hair

Brush out the crimps for a soother style with volume.

crimped hairSource

3. Pumped Up High Ponytail

Crimped hair at the crown adds some sexy volume to a plain ponytail.

crimped hairSource

4. Low Crimped Ponytail

Crimped hair also works with low ponytails too!

crimped hairSource

5. Pulled Back Crimped Hair

Pretty much any pulled back hairstyle looks edgy and modern with the addition of crimped hair this season!

crimped hairSource

6. Bun Hairsyle With Crimped Hair

You can even jazz up a plain low bun with some crimps.

crimped hairSource

7. Side Braid Crimped Hairstyle

Or, rock a loose side braid with sexy crimped hair.

crimped hairSource

8. Defined Crimped Hair

Keep crimped hair defined in straight hair for a fun textured look.

crimped hairSource


9. Wavy Hair With Crimped Streaks

Sexy full wavy hair has crimped streaks for a modern twist.


crimped hairSource

10. Crimped and Curly Hairstyle

Mix crimed hair with loose curls for a super sexy and edgy hairstyle. Perfect for a night on the town!

crimped hairSource

11. Crimped Bangs

Wanna try a fun criped hair 2015 style but not sure what to do with your bangs? Crimp them too!

crimped hairSource

Don’t be shy—give crimped hairstyles a try this season! Crimped hair is easy to get too. The fastest way to crimp your hair is probably to use  hair crimping tool. This is similar to a flat iron, but it has wavy panels instead of flat panels. No crimping tool? No problem? Just put sections of your hair into small braids and go over them with a hot hair straightener or curling iron. If you have a little time to spare, though, you can also put your damp hair into several small braids before bed. When you wake u in the morning, remove the braids and say hello to some super crimped hair!

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