12 Colorful Rainbow Nail Designs to Fall in Love With

rainbow nail designs 12

Rainbow nail designs are a great way to satiate your need for color. They make great nail designs for summer, and although they often look complicated, it might surprise you when you find out how easy they are to create.

Most rainbow nail designs use the basic shades of the rainbow—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. However, different hues can be used to create different fun effects. Consider neon rainbow nail designs or pastel rainbow nail designs, for instance. Also, if you don’t have all of the colors of the rainbow, you can use just the colors you have or mix primary colors of nail polish to make secondary colors.

Below are some of our favorite colorful rainbow nail designs!

1. Gradient Rainbow Nail Designs

There are so many different ways to do gradient rainbow nail designs. This example starts with pink at the thumb and the colors are sponged in a gradient across the fingers, with the final purple color ending on the pinkie.

rainbow nail designs 1Youtube

2. Water Marble Rainbow Nail Design

Water marble nail designs look super complicated, but with a little practice, they’re actually very simple. This water marble nail design uses the colors of the rainbow for a fun funky design.

rainbow nail designs 2Gallery Hip

3. Rainbow Nail Design With Clouds  

This rainbow nail art design starts with a sky blue background. Clouds are added with white polish and a nail dotter tool. Small rainbows accent the base of each nail.

rainbow nail designs 3Style Hello!

4. Rainbow Scribble Nail Art Design

Scribble nail art designs are fun and give off a carefree vibe. These rainbow colors are painted over a white base color with a nail striper.

rainbow nail designs 4WomanDot.com

5. Hologram and Rainbow Nail Art

Rainbow nail designs get a little something extra when paired with a holographic nail polish!

rainbow nail designs 5Youtube

6. Rainbow Dot Nail Design

If you’re looking for super simple rainbow nail designs, try this rainbow polka dot nail design! It’s nothing more than multiple colors of nail polishes dotted onto the nail with a dotter tool.


rainbow nail designs 6Polish Your Pretty

7. Rainbow and Clouds on Natural Nails

Rainbow nail art designs can look totally cute on natural nails too! Just add some clouds at the tips and some rainbow stripes.

rainbow nail designs 7Youtube

8. Tie-dye Rainbow Nail Art Design

Tie-dye nail designs can be create by painting thick stripes of color on the nail and dragging a toothpick through the lines. Rainbow colors are used in this example.

rainbow nail designs 8Zettaggentop.com

9. Alternating Rainbow Nail Art Design

Here’s another easy peasy rainbow nail art design. Just paint each nail a different color of the rainbow.

rainbow nail designs 9ImgKid.com  

10. Rainbow Stripes Nail Art Design

Stripes of alternating rainbow colors make a fun rainbow pattern on the nails, and it’s easy to do!

rainbow nail designs 10NailsCatalog.info

11. Rainbow Tips Nail Design

If you don’t have time to devote to some of the more complicated rainbow nail designs, these nails tipped with rainbows might be more doable! Just paint short rainbow stripes on the tips of the nails and paint a white stripe to separate the rainbows from the natural nails. Finish and protect the look with a clear coat.

rainbow nail designs 11Smioss

12. Rainbow Gradient Nails  

As I said before, there are more that a few different way to do gradient nail designs. Here’s another example using rainbow colors sponged onto each nail.

rainbow nail designs 12Do Not Refreeze

These were some great examples of rainbow nail designs! Remember that there really are no hard and fast rules wen it comes to rainbow nail art designs, though. You can use just about any colors you want, and if you don’t have all of the colors seen in the examples above, don’t be afraid to improvise!  Now that you’ve seen some inspiration for rainbow nail designs, it’s time to get painting! So, gather up your brightest colors and rock that ROYGBIV!

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