15 Painted Floor Designs and Solutions


Painted floor designs are a quick and inexpensive way to fix up almost any hard floor. Homeowners can use paint on hardwood floors, concrete floors, subfloors, and even tile and linoleum floors.

The design possibilities for painted floors are also limited to just your imagination. You can go traditional and low key with a plain color or diamond pattern, or you can get a little wild and crazy with bold geometric patterns or colorful flowers. Choose light colors to brighten up a room, or choose dark colors for a rich and luxurious look. Vibrant colors can also really liven up a room!

Looking for some painted floor ideas? Check out these awesome painted floors for some fantastic inspiration!

1. Red Painted Floor

A red painted floor is vibrant and gorgeous. You can, however, use any color you want for a vivid, brilliant floor!

painted floorImage Source

2. Painted Diamond Pattern Floor

The black and white diamond pattern is one of the most recognized floor designs, and it’s commonly used in retro kitchens; but, it can look amazing in nearly any room. With a little painter’s tape, this look can easily be recreated.

painted floorImage Source

3. Stripes Painted on Floor

A striped painted floor gives a room an inexpensive, dramatic, and modern makeover. Plus, it makes the room appear longer and larger. For more flooring ideas check out Lifestyle Flooring UK.

painted floorImage Source

4. Painted Geometric Patterned Floor

For a trendy and chic room makeover, large geometric shapes painted on the floor make a bold and beautiful statement!

painted floorImage Source

5. Rug Painted on the Floor

Don’t want to paint the whole floor? Try a painted floor design the same size and shape as a rug in a fun design!

painted floorImage Source

6. Chevron patterned Painted Floor

Follow the chevron trend with a chic chevron painted floor! Use similar colors for a design that’s just a bit more subtle.

painted floorImage Source

7. Flowery Painted Floor

Flowers painted on the floor can really add some romantic charm to any room. This is a perfect painted floor design for a bedroom or sitting room.

painted floorImage Source


8. Painted Stars on Floor

Stars painted on the floor add a whimsical and fun feel to any room. They look so great in this dining room, but they would also make a fun addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom!

painted floorImage Source

9. Large Floor Stencil

A huge pattern stenciled on the floor adds a big, bold and stylish statement.

painted floorImage Source

10. Yellow Stenciled Floor

Yellow painted floors are bright and cheery. The cute stencil pattern also adds a fun element to this.

painted floorImage Source

11. Colorful Painted Floor

When you can’t pick just one color for your painted floor, don’t hesitate to use a few different colors. Stripes and box designs in lots of different colors make for a cheerful and unique room.

painted floorImage Source

12. Splatter Painted Floor

If you’re looking for a modern and edgy painted floor design, these black paint splotches on a white floor could be just the look you’re after.

painted floorImage Source

13. Faux Stone Painted Floor

Stone tiles are an expensive flooring option. But, a painted faux stone effect is super affordable, and it’s probably so much easier than you’d think!

painted floorImage Source

14. Bright Red Patterned Floor

This bright red patterned painted floor is an amazing and gorgeous painted floor design! It’s also a lot easier than it looks to replicate this design.

painted floorImage Source

15. Painted Designs on Wood Floor

Letting some of your wood floor’s natural beauty shine through is usually a smart design move, provided it’s still in relatively good shape. The brightly colored stenciled designs are nothing more than accents to this natural beauty.

painted floorImage Source

Painted floors see a lot of traffic and wear and tear throughout their lifetime. That’s why it’s important to paint a floor properly, from start to finish. First, prep the floor by scrubbing it and leting it dry thoroughly. This is also a good time to take care of any imperfections that can ruin the final results, like chips and gouges. Choose a high quality paint designed for floors or decks. These types of paints are designed to withstand a great deal of foot traffic and should last much longer than other types of paint. Finally, finish your new painted floor with a high quality polyurethane for floors for added protection. Need some more ideas? Have a look at these single floor house design.


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