15 Chic and Modern Striped Walls


Paint is one of the fastest, cheapest, and easiest ways to make over a room. Plain walls, though, can get a little boring, even if you do use a fun color. One way that some people are jazzing up their spaces is by painting striped walls.

Wall stripes can be subtle or bold. White is often paired with neutrals for a toned down look, or it can be paired with a dark or bright color for a bolder look. Any colors can be used for striped walls though, including contrasting colors and different hues of the same color.

Ready to try some striped walls in your space? Check out these wall stripe designs for a little inspiration to transform your space!

1. Gray and White Striped Bedroom

Gray and white striped walls offer a timeless look with classic neutrals, but still gives the room a modern makeover.

striped wallsImage Source

2. Black and White Striped Walls

If it’s a contemporary look you’re going for, it can be achieved with black and white striped walls. Clean lines and minimalist furniture completes the look.

striped wallsImage Source

3. Brown and Cream Striped Walls

These brown and cream stripes on the walls create a warm and cozy feel in this room.

striped wallsImage Source

4. Powder Blue Wall Stripes

This sitting area is anything but boring blue with striped blue and white walls!

striped wallsImage Source

5. Horizontal Teal Wall Stripes

Teal is a fresh and modern color right now, but may be too much for some people. Breaking up the teal with some wide white stripes may be the perfect compromise—a splash of color without being too overwhelming.

striped wallsImage Source

6. Blue and Brown Striped Walls

These blue and brown striped walls are soothing and earthy at the same time.

striped wallsImage Source

7. Brown and Bright Green Wall Stripes

A bright green like this may be a bit too much when completely covering a wall. But, pair it with an earthy brown and cream color in stripes, and it’s just right!

striped wallsImage Source


8. Green Striped Accent Wall

Not quite sure how you’ll feel about a room full of stripes? Try a striped accent wall instead.

striped wallsImage Source

9. Striped Yellow Walls

Yellow is a fresh, bright, and cheery color. Yellow and white striped walls really liven and brighten up this bathroom!

striped wallsImage Source

10. Neutral Striped Wall Paint

When in doubt, stick to neutral wall colors. Neutral stripes work so well in this living room!

striped wallsImage Source

11. Wide Striped Walls

Extra wide wall stripes are a great option for some people, as they don’t appear to be as “busy” as narrower stripes.

striped wallsImage Source

12. Pink Wall Stripes With Wainscoting

Stripes on the walls above wainscoting can really add some more visual interest to a room and look pretty remarkable!

striped wallsImage Source

13. Horizontal Pink Striped Walls

Achieve a feminine and girly look with pink and white horizontal stripes on bedroom walls.

striped wallsImage Source

14. Red and White Striped Bedroom Walls

Bold red stripes on bedroom walls are a great non-traditional option for teenagers!

striped wallsImage Source

15. Black and Red Wall Stripes

Wide red and black wall striped make for a pretty awesome pirate themed room!

striped wallsImage Source

Believe it or not, striped walls are a pretty easy look to pull off. They can work in nearly any color combination, depending on the look you’re going for, and they’re easy to paint. And, since it’s just paint, it’s easy enough to change if you decide that you don’t like it later.


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