14 Stunning Paint Colors for Bedroom Walls


Trying to choose paint colors for bedroom walls can be tricky at times. There are endless paint colors to choose and trying to find the perfect color can seem like an endless process.

In the end, your choice of bedroom paint colors will really depend on the mood and look you’re going for. Some people choose paint colors for bedroom walls for a peaceful, cheerful, or tranquil look. Others want a bedroom that feels dramatic, dark, or intimate. The paint colors for bedrooms can dramatically influence the feel and mood in the room.

Sure, you could simply paint everything white and add color with with accessories, like curtains and bedding, but where’s the fun in that? Here are some great ideas for paint colors for bedrooms to help bring out your inner interior designer!

1. Tan and Black Bedroom

Neutral colors like tan and beige are great versatile paint colors for bedrooms. Unlike stark white, it’s not boring, but it also isn’t as flamboyant and crazy as some of the more colorful bedroom color ideas.

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2. Chocolate Brown Bedroom

A chocolate brown color on the walls transforms a bedroom into a sophisticated and luxurious hideaway. Rich brown accents, like wood furniture and a leather headboard, add some nice finishing touches.

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3. Gray Bedroom Walls

So many people shun gray paint, thinking that it would make a room too depressing. However, different shades of gray can make rich and beautiful paint colors for bedroom retreats! Stick with darker shades of gray to avoid a dingy look.

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4. Black Bedroom Walls

Black is another uncommon paint color, since it can really make a room appear dark and depressing when used incorrectly. However, pairing black walls with white accents, ceilings, and trim can look smashing and prevent the room from feeling too dark.

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5. Light Green Bedroom Walls

Shades of light green are serene and peaceful paint colors for bedrooms. They help promote rest and relaxation, which is why green walls are a fantastic choice for bedroom walls!

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6. Emerald Green Bedroom Walls

Darker shades of green can add a bit of luxury and richness to a bedroom. This emerald jewel tone pait color doesn’t look too dark, due to the white trim, ceiling, and bedding.

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7. Turquoise Bedroom Walls

Light blue are also serene and peaceful bedroom paint colors, and it’s no wonder they’re popular. For a slightly trendier light blue bedroom, opt for a more turquoise hue and add black accents throughout.


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8. Dark Blue Bedroom Paint

Dark blue walls give a bedroom a richer and more luxurious feel than light blues. As with other dark paint colors for bedrooms, you can prevent dark blue walls from feeling too dark by adding white accents.

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9. Lilac Bedroom Color

Lilac is a fresh and cheery color! Waking up in a light purple bedroom can leave you happy and ready for the day ahead.

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10. Dark Purple Bedroom

On the other hand, dark purple paint colors for bedrooms give the room a sensual and intimate feel. Perfect for those long cozy nights!

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11. Light Pink Bedroom

Pink paint colors for bedrooms are often thought of as colors for a child’s bedroom. However, sticking with a light dusky pink shade can keep a bedroom feeling a little more sophisticated and a little less like the Barbie Dreamhouse.

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12. Red Bedroom

Red is a bright energizing color, which is why many people shy away from red paint colors for bedrooms. If red is your favorite color, though, dark red walls and black accents can make a sensual and cozy bedroom retreat.

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13. Butter Yellow Bedroom

Bright yellows might be a bit too bright and cheerful as paint colors for bedroom walls. Subtler and more subdued shades of yellow, like this butter yellow, though, can give you just enough cheerfulness for mornings without being too vibrant for a bedroom.

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14. Coral Bedroom Paint

Adore orange but don’t want it on your bedroom walls? Coral paint colors for bedroom walls can look fun and chic without being to fiery or bright.

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Choosing the right paint colors for bedroom walls really boils down to personal choice. Start with the colors you love when trying to narrow down possible bedroom paint schemes and go from there. Don’t discount any options, however, as you might find that a certain color you thought you’d hate is just perfect for your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little either. After all, it’s just paint!

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