Top Dark Web Myths


Due to its highly secretive nature, it’s pretty standard that people might have created myths to explain it. Today in this article, I am going to debunk some of the very famous rumour people have about the dark web. So, without further delay, let’s reveal the truth behind these myths.

The deep web and the dark web are the same things

It is a widespread myth among people. Deep web sites are the ones that never get indexed by the search engines and accessing it directly for general users is a bit tough. The deep web is more about secrecy, and most of the pages of the deep web are only accessible by authenticated users. For example, the email services are available for everyone, but people only with verified information can read inbox emails. The same thing goes with your social media and bank accounts. Another famous example of the deep web is web forums that require logins.

On the other hand, the dark web pages can be only accessible with the help of anonymization software based on onion routing technology. Browsers like TOR, I2P are some of the very famous names that support onion routing technology. It means it is just impossible for a regular user slips into the dark web unintentionally.


Both of these web networks are different, and considering both of these as same is nothing more than just a myth.

The government controls the dark web

Tor hidden services entirely manage the dark web. Though the idea of dark web was originated by the United States Naval Research Laboratory in the ’90s, and still they fund it. But it doesn’t mean they have control over it. Instead, Tor is an open-source project, and all the backdoors would have been found by the researchers only by now. The US government supports it and gives money to the Tor project because they also need the tools to make anonymous communications. In the end, it is just a myth created by conspiracy theory fans.

Accessing the dark web is illegal

It is another widespread myth that accessing the dark web is illegal. Surfing this part of the web is as legal as surfing other pages available on the deep web and surface web. To understand it entirely, you need to understand what makes dark web different from deep or surface web.

So, the dark web is just another collection of web pages, but the web pages are hidden with some kind of security and a few layers of encryptions. The technology that is being used in the dark web is onion routing which can be accessible by only browsers that support onion routing technology such as I2P or TOR browser. Since these web pages are part of the internet, there is no way the government declare it illegal. Even the government itself uses it to make secure communication with their spies.

Although accessing the dark web is not illegal, attempting prohibited things such as buying drugs, hacked credit cards or other things that are unlawful in real-world, is of course illegal. It just doesn’t matter where you’re performing such things, on the street, regular web or the dark web, if you got caught, you’ll have to face the consequences.

There are few secret layers to the dark web

It is another misconception among most of the internet users that some other additional layers on the dark web hides other networks like Charter Web or Mariana Web. Well, this is just bullshit.

Almost 90% of the dark web pages are easily accessible with the help of Tor browser, and the rest 10% web pages could be considered as the deep dark web. The concept of the deep dark web is similar to the regular web and deep web. To understand it easily, we can take the example of a dark web forum where only registered users can get entry. And if you have access, then you can visit them as well. Making the concept of Mariana web, Quantum web or any other thing is nothing more than just another dark web myth.


Buying illegal things on the dark web is easy

It is not entirely a myth until the term comes ‘EASY.’ We all know that dark web is a place where you can buy illegal stuff that you can’t even imagine on the regular internet, but it is not that easy at all.

Back in 2013, it was much easier when the Silk Road was live, but when the US government arrested Ross William Ulbricht for operating this illegal market and shut down Silk Road entirely, it becomes very tough to buy illegal stuff. Though there were so many attempts made to replace it, but most of them failed.

If you ever visit the dark web, you’ll find almost every single person claims to be a seller that can provide nearly any illegal things, but most of them are just fake. These are just scammers or copycat counterfeit sites that want to scam users by fake postings to introduce themselves to look more genuine.

Now I am not saying that it is almost impossible, and such things can be done on the dark web easily but finding the real seller is a tough task. So, buying illegal stuff on the dark web is easy is just a misconception made by all these newspaper and internet.

Majority of the cybercrimes happen on the dark web only

Well, it is completely a different story. People often think that most of the cyber-related crimes take place on the dark web, but it is not true. Actually, people didn’t know what the dark web is. So, the dark web is a secret place on the internet where the majority of the users are else hackers, security researchers, spies, and other people somehow related to the security. There are a small group of rookies as well, but that group is very small.

Now I am not saying that cybercrimes don’t happen on the dark web but much more happens on the regular and deep internet. The dark web is mostly used by these hackers to make communications, sharing files, viruses, buying selling stuff and other things. But these attacks and cybercrimes happen where the victims are, and we all know where most of the victims available.

The dark web is only used for crimes

Another common myth among internet users. The dark web is used by almost every kind of people. You can find criminals, hackers, security researchers, spies, political dissidents, privacy advocates and many others on the dark web. The only reason people use it because of the anonymity they offer.

Even you’ll be amazed after knowing that there are so many replica sites of major organizations like Facebook, ProPublica and DuckDuckGo. These sites are to make anonymous conversations and nothing more than that. The hackers and criminals can plan the crime on the dark web, but they need to go to the regular web to execute them.


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