25 Cool Screensavers For Your Computer

Husky Screensaver

Since there are only a few that come with each computer, many people prefer to find their screensavers online – and due to the high demand there is for them, there are certainly a lot of options to choose from. In fact, whether you are into nature, cars, sports, music, or business, you can easily find an abundance of screensavers online that will not only fit your style, but also make sure your screen looks great while you’re away.

In order to showcase some of the best screensavers, while also giving computer enthusiasts some neat designs to look at, we have created the list below.

1. A Small Fish

A rather cool action shot of this small little fish, jumping right out of his bowl!

A Small Fish

2. A Neat 3D Beach

This beach makes for a great vacation spot, as well as an amazing screensaver.

A Neat 3D Beach

3. Hyperspace!

Very eye-catching, and great for those looking for a colorful design.


4. The Ice Age Squirrel

Though mostly popular amongst the younger folks, this Ice Age squirrel screensaver can be used by movie fans of all ages.

The Ice Age Squirrel

5. A Palm Tree On The Beach

This palm tree screensaver is not only great to look at, but it might encourage you to take a relaxing vacation.

A Palm Tree On The Beach

6. One Smile, In A Sea Of Frowns

A rather inspirational screensaver, encouraging you to smile, even when others don’t.

One Smile, In A Sea Of Frowns

7. Beams Of Light

Very colorful, and especially great at night!

Beams Of Light

8. A Very Cool Husky Dog Screensaver

Fortunately, there are dog screensavers for all different breeds. That way, dog-lovers everywhere can use them – not just those with huskies.

A Very Cool Husky Dog Screensaver

9. Bugatti Car Screensaver

Very nice, especially for fast car enthusiasts.

Bugatti Car Screensaver

10. This Neat Apple Screensaver

A nice Apple logo screensaver, great for fans of Steve Jobs, or those who use a MacBook.

This Neat Apple Screensaver

11. A Giant Shark

This 3D screensaver is actually rather intimidating, and appears to be coming right out of your screen!

A Giant Shark

12. Star Wars – The Force Awakens Screensaver

Let people know how much of a Star Wars fan you are, even while you’re away from your computer.

Star Wars – The Force Awakens Screensaver

13. The Matrix Screensaver

Enter the Matrix each and every day, right through your computer screen!

The Matrix Screensaver

14. Beautiful Flowers

Some beautiful flowers, accompanied by a small bee.

Beautiful Flowers

15. This Awesome Harry Potter Screensaver

Certainly a great choice for those who are fans of the Harry Potter series.

This Awesome Harry Potter Screensaver

16. New England Patriots Screensaver – For Football Fans

Fortunately (since not everyone prefers the Patriots), there are screensavers for every NFL team.

New England Patriots Screensaver – For Football Fans

17. Wolf Of Wall Street Screensaver

One of the most memorable scenes from the movie.

Wolf Of Wall Street Screensaver

18. Stranger Things Screensaver

Though the show is only new, there are many different Stranger Things screensavers.

Stranger Things Screensaver

19. This Funny Turtle Sandwich Screensaver

Great for those in need of a laugh..

This Funny Turtle Sandwich Screensaver

20. Outer Space

A very neat outer space screensaver with a few astronauts floating around.

Outer Space

21. This Eerie Spider Screensaver

Just make sure that none of your friends or family members are arachnophobic!

This Eerie Spider Screensaver

22. Homer Simpson Putting Up The Apple Logo

Out of the many Homer Simpson screensavers that exist today, this one seems to be the best (and also the most popular for mac-users).

Homer Simpson Putting Up The Apple Logo

23. This Cute Christmas Cat Screensaver

Though you may only use it one to two months out of the year..

This Cute Christmas Cat Screensaver

24. This Neat Maze Screensaver

This one looks great, is very interesting, and may have you staring at the screen for hours trying to figure it out!

This Neat Maze Screensaver

25. A Lazy Sea Turtle

A happy sea turtle swimming right across your computer screen, slowly but surely.

A Lazy Sea Turtle

In addition to the many different screensaver categories that exist, and the many different options there are for each, there are also sites that let you build your own. So, if you didn’t see your favorite team, animal, movie, or Netflix show above and can’t seem to find it anywhere, be sure to check out some of the screensaver customization websites online.


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