14 Free Valentine’s Day Fonts to Fall in Love With


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to search out some free Valentine’s Day fonts! These fonts are usually quite romantic looking and riddled with hearts.

Valentine’s Day fonts can come in handy for all sorts of projects. Free Valentine’s fonts are perfect for creating homemade valentines, for instance. You can also use a Valentine’s Day font for a sappy love note to your significant other or even your secret crush. Valentine’s Day fonts can also be used for things like party invitations and decorations.

Looking for the perfect free Valentine’s Day font for your project? Take a look at some of these romantic options…

1. Vanessa’s Valentine Font

Little hearts scattered throughout this font makes it perfect for the day of love! Plus, how could a font with the word Valentine right in it not not fit in with other Valentine’s Day fonts?

valentine's day fontsDownload Font

2. Love & Passion Font

Valentine’s Day is all about love and passion, right? So, it’s no surprise that this Love & Passion font, with its swooping subtle hearts, is a perfect match for this holiday!

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3. True Stories Font

We normally think of Valentine’s Day fonts as swooping script fonts, but this block font is super cute too! The hearts really make it a great font for Valentine’s Day.

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4. MC Sweetie Hearts Font

Fancy script fonts surrounded by hearts are always great options for Valentine’s Day fonts!

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5. DJ Candy Heart Font

It isn’t Valentine’s Day without some candy hearts, right? The capital letters in this font are candy hearts, perfect for spelling out a sweet message for that special someone!

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6. Heart’s Delight Font

Tiny little white hearts decorate this handwritten font. It’s definitely a cute font to include in a list of Valentine’s Day fonts!

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7. Hang Your Heart Font

Little hanging hearts is a romantic way to spell out your message this Valentin’s Day!


valentine's day fontsDownload Font

8. Sound Heart Font

Bold and beautiful Valentine’s Day fonts are sometimes what it might take to get your heartfelt message across, and this is a fantastic option!

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9. Heartland Font

If you like bold Valentine’s Day fonts, this Heartland font might be just the thing for you!

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10. Words of Love Font

Cute swirly fonts can also make great Valentine’s Day fonts, especially when they include hearts as O’s!

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11. Forever in My Heart Font

Sometimes you just need a cute little handwriting font decorated with hearts, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to pull out such a font!

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12. Loving You Font

This Valentine’s Day font is appropriately named “Loving You”, and it’s odorned with little hearts, making it very fitting for the holiday of love!

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13. Cupidon Font

Of course Cupid was going to make an appearance in a list of Valentine’s Day fonts!

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Sweet Hearts Font

Finally, we have another candy heart font. There are two candy heart Valentine’s Day fonts on this list, but Valentine’s Day isn’t Valentine’s Day without some candy hearts!

valentine's day fontsDownload Font

Don’t limit yourself to just one Valentine’s Day font. Sometimes a mix of two or more romantic fonts can look pretty amazing! Black isn’t the only color for these fonts either. Colors like red, pink, and purple can really give these free Valentine’s Day fonts some real holiday cheer!

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