10 Must Have Android Apps for Personal Finance


Personal finance is a topic most creative people would rather not talk about. It’s full of numbers, statistics and other forms of jargon that totally clash with the right side of the brain. Unfortunately, the people who do understand finance tend to have a lot more money because they know how to handle it much better. As quoted by Chad Otar – Fear not creatives. In the world of Android App Development there are solutions. There are several must have Android apps you can download that take all of the boring parts out of finance and streamline them into fun activities. Check out these ten apps if you want to get your money on track without having to take classes at your local business school. Scroll down to check out this list of 10 Android apps for personal finance.

Google Wallet

This is one of the must have apps for Android that allows you to enter your credit card information and manage it with your phone or computer. This cool Android app even lets you pay at certain retailers who have NFC-enabled checkouts installed.

Do you often ask yourself, “What am I spending all of my money on each month?“ Never ask yourself that question again when you download Mint for Android. This must have Android app analyzes your spending and reports back exactly what you purchase each month.



If you work as a freelancer of any kind, there’s a good chance you use PayPal for transactions. Download this must have app for Android to check your balances, upload checks to your account, and to find retailers in your area who accept PayPal for transactions.



Home Budget for Android

A lot of people say that they’re going to start a monthly budget, but never follow up on it. This must have app for Android makes it easy to track what you spend your money on each month so you do not go over and end up owing more than you should.

Debt Tracker

Paying down debt is the first step to getting back on track financially. Use this Android app to keep track of how much you owe certain organizations and how much other people owe to you.

TurboTax Apps

TurboTax has a couple of free apps for Android that allow you to easily find out things like how much your tax refund will be and how much you will owe the Federal government and the state for a given year. The apps also keep track of deductions, retirement savings, donations and home expenses.

Receipt Ninja

If you are going in on a purchase with a group, Receipt Ninja figures out who owes how much and has a feature that allows you to synch your data with Google Drive.


Tired of always paying too much for gas? This must have app for Android analyzes your area and finds the cheapest gas so you don’t end up paying more than you have to.



Not only does Slice keep track of your receipts, it also tells you the return policy of where you made the purchase and if you can get a discount if the MSRP value of the product went down.



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