22 Rockin’ Drummer Tattoo Designs


Almost anytime you listen to music, you’re bound to hear the beat; the beat that you can’t help tapping your foot too. This beat is provided by the drummer in almost any band. The drummer is the band member that sets the beat for the rest of the band and gives each song its to tapping allure. Other band members rely on the drummer to provide a consistent strong beat to follow. Without it…well, without a drummer’s beat, a song just wouldn’t sound right at all!

Drummers are a unique bunch of people—talented, gifted, dedicated, and passionate. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing a drummer also knows that drummers are also quite unique individuals and even a little whacky at times. If you’re a drummer yourself, chances are you’re always looking for ways to express yourself.

And, what better way to do that than with a drummer tattoo?

1. Skull and Crossed Sticks

A skull and crossbones tattoo is way to plain for a drummer! Try a skull and crossed sticks tattoo instead!

drummer tattooImage Source

2. Skull Stabbed With Drumsticks

Soften hard core drummer tattoos, like this skull and drumstick tattoo, with delicate elements, like this rose.

drummer tattooImage Source

3. Skeleton Playing Drums Tattoo

A skeleton playing drums tattoo is interesting and a little fun, albeit a little creepy as well!

drummer tattooImage Source

4. Drum Set Side Tattoo

The side of the torso is a fantastic place to put large drummer tattoos, like this full set of drums.

drummer tattooImage Source

5. Funky Drummer Tattoo

A funky drummer who dances to his own beat needs a funky drummer tattoo!

drummer tattooImage Source

6. Back Drummer Tattoo

A full set of drums inked across the shoulders on the back is an amazing way to show passion for your art!

drummer tattooImage Source

7. Forearm Drummer Tattoo

Because of the length of it, the forearm would also be a great place to put a full set of drums tattoo.

drummer tattooImage Source

8. Crossed Drum Sticks Tattoo

Crossed drum sticks may seem like a simple tattoo for drummers, but it’s just as powerful as the more complex and detailed designs!

drummer tattooImage Source

9. Hands Holding Drumsticks Tattoo

When you’re a drummer, you’re literally holding rhythm in your hands, so this is a fitting tattoo for drummers!

drummer tattooImage Source

10. Music and Drumsticks Tattoo

Music notes and a pair o drumsticks are a fitting tattoo tattoo for music loving drummers!

drummer tattooImage Source

11. Drum Sheet Music Tattoo

Sheet music for drums, however, may be a little more fitting.

drummer tattooImage Source

12. The Beatles Drums Tattoo

A drum set from one of the most recognized and popular rock bands of all time makes for a fun little drum tattoo!

drummer tattooImage Source

13. Vitruvian Man Drummer Tattoo

One can’t help but notice the similarities between this drummer tattoo and The Vitruvian Man!

drummer tattooImage Source

14. Lilies and Drums Tattoo

Adding another symbolic element to a drum tattoo, like these beautiful lilies, makes it even more meaningful.

drummer tattooImage Source

15. Star Drummer Tattoo

Because drummers can be the star of the show too!

drummer tattooImage Source

16. Full Back Drum Set Tattoo

Your drums tattoo is sure to steal the show if it’s this awesome!

drummer tattooImage Source

17. Bicep Drummer Tattoo

The detail in this drum set tatoo is simply stunning, and looks phenomenal on the bicep!

drummer tattooImage Source

18. Hats and Kick Foot Pedal Tattoos

This is a somewhat subtle tattoo for drummers, but passionate players will get it…

drummer tattooImage Source

19. Drum Foot Pedal Tattoo

If drum sets and sticks aren’t your style, maybe a subtle foot pedal tattoo?

drummer tattooImage Source

20. Drum Pedal Foot Tattoo

Or, here’s a fun and clever twist on a drum foot pedal tattoo!

drummer tattooImage Source

21. Drum Stick Memorial Tattoo

A pair of drum sticks makes a great tattoo to honor and remember a loved one that passed.

drummer tattooImage Source

22. Drum Set Memorial Tattoo

Forever remember a band member with a memorial drum set tattoo.

drummer tattooImage Source

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