21 Inspired Mechanic Tattoo Design Ideas

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Most people choose tattoo designs that mean something to them, and mechanics are no exception! Mechanic tattoo design ideas, not surprisingly, typically include elements like automobile parts or tools.

Pistons and wrenches, for instance, and popular mechanic tattoos.

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or just dabble with cars as a hobby, if you’re a gear head, these tattoo designs would be perfect!

1. Mechanic’s Skull Tattoo

This clever little twist on a skull is a great mechanic tattoo design idea!

mechanic tattooImage Source

2. Skull Gearhead Tattoo Design

Here’s a badass tattoo design for all of the gearheads out there!

mechanic tattooImage Source

3. Gearhead Chest Tattoo

A simpler gearhead tattoo design is really all you need to show your passion to the world, though!

mechanic tattooImage Source

4. Grease Monkey Tattoo

A tough little cigar smoking monkey is a great mascot for any grease monkeys looking for a mechanic tattoo design.

mechanic tattooImage Source

5. Detroit Muscle Motor Tattoo

Having your dream motor tattooed on your shoulder is a fun and creative way to honor your profession or hobby.

mechanic tattooImage Source

6. Detailed Motor Mechanic Tattoo Design

A more detailed cutaway view of a motor would require some serious artistic talent!

mechanic tattooImage Source

7. Pushrods and Valves Tattoo

Only other mechanics could look at this and instantly know what it was and understand its significance as a mechanic tattoo design.

mechanic tattooImage Source

8. Smoking Piston Tattoo

A hardened smoking piston looks like he means business in this mechanic tattoo design!

mechanic tattooImage Source

9. Crossed Pistons and Spark Plug Tattoo

For an unmistakable mechanic tattoo design, a couple of crossed pistons and a spark plug are always a good choice.

mechanic tattooImage Source

10. Piston and Flames Silhouette Tattoo

A silhouette is a simpler mechanic tattoo design with crossed pistons, but it’s just as impressive.

mechanic tattoo design ideas 10Image Source

11. Flaming Crossed Pistons Tattoo

If you want a little more color in your mechanic tattoo design, orange and red flames might be just the thing when used as a background for silver pistons.

mechanic tattooImage Source

12. Crankshaft Tattoo on the Spine

This crankshaft tattoo looks pretty wicked placed the length of the spine!

mechanic tattooImage Source

13. Leg Shocks Tattoo

Become one with the vehicles you work on with this tattoo design idea of realistic looking shocks in the legs!

mechanic tattooImage Source

14. Forearm Wrench Tattoo

A mechanic is never far from a wrench!

mechanic tattooImage Source

15. Three Crossed Wrenches Tattoo

Of course, why settle for just one wrench when you can have three?

mechanic tattooImage Source

16. Children’s Names Wrench and Gears Tattoo

Maybe McKenzie and Sarah will grow up to get their own mechanic tattoo designs!

mechanic tattooImage Source

17. Named Wrenches Mechanic Tattoo Design

Adding names and dates to a couple of wrenches is a clever way to honor two important things in one tattoo—your kids and your passion!

mechanic tattooImage Source

18. Wrench Cross Tattoo

Spiritual mechanics may prefer crossed wrenches over a traditional crucifix tattoo.

mechanic tattoo design ideas 18Image Source

19. Name Tag Mechanic Tattoo Design

A mechanic’s name tag makes an interesting, fun, and unique mechanic tattoo design!

mechanic tattooImage Source

20. Distributor Tattoo Design

Very few people can appreciate an exploded view of a distributor like mechanics can! This one even got it as a tattoo!

mechanic tattooImage Source

21. Carburetor Tattoo

Rebuilding a carburetor can be a pain in the rear, but a carburetor tattoo cheat sheet should make it a breeze!

mechanic tattooImage Source

Don’t jump right into getting a mechanic tattoo design inked onto your body. Take a little time to consider lots of possible tattoo designs, and choose one that holds a special meaning for you.

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