10 Chevy Tattoo Ideas With Bow Ties


Chevy cars and trucks are some of the most popular vehicles in the United States. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see a Chevy driving down the road or parked in a parking lot on any given day. Chevy vehicles are popular for good reason. In the past, Chevy produced some of the best and most powerful muscle cars of the time. Chevy muscle cars are still highly coveted among collectors and automobile enthusiasts. Today, Chevy continues to produce quality cars and rugged trucks.

This American car company is so popular that it has a huge following. It’s not uncommon for a Chevy enthusiast to consider a Chevy tattoo. A Chevy tattoo is the ultimate show of loyalty to this great American car company. One of the most popular options for a Chevy tattoo is the Chevy bow tie. It’s a simple design, but very recognizable.

If you’re looking for Chevy tattoo ideas, we’ve rounded up a handful of the best bow tie designs out there! Take a look…

You can also buy bow ties online according to your preference and in favorable designs.

1. Liquid Chevy Bow Tie Tattoo

The outline of this Chevy bow tie looks liquified, which gives it a pretty interesting effect.

chevy tattooSource

2. Bow Tie and Chevrolet Tattoo

A Chevrolet tattoo featuring a bow tie and flags is a unique piece. Perfect choice for a real Chevy loving speed demon!

chevy tattooSource

3. Chevy Racing Tattoo

If you have a need for speed, perhaps this Chevy racing tattoo is just the thing.

chevy tattooSource

4. Chevy Bow TIe Tattoo With Car

If a particular Chevy car has stolen your heart, show your love and dedication with a tattoo. This Chevy tatoo includes the bow tie and a realistic depiction of a car.

chevy tattooSource

5. Diamond Plate Chevy Tattoo

A diamond plate Chevy tattoo is simple, yet tough and rugged. Perfect for a Chevy truck lover!


chevy tattooSource

6. Chevy Bow Tie Tattoo on the Hand

Show yur loyalty with a Chevy bow tie hand tattoo.

chevy tattooSource

7. Chevy Shoulder Tattoo for Girls

A heart Chevy tattoo probably isn’t the best option for most guys, but for girls, it’s perfect! It shows love for Chevy, but it’s still feminine.

chevy tattooSource

8. Lower Back Chevy Tattoo

Girls might also like a Chevy tattoo on the lower back. This Chevy bow tie tattoo is a unique alternative to the typical flowers and tribal designs normally seen on the lower back.

chevy tattooSource

9. Barbed Wire Chevy Bow Tie Tattoo

A barbed wire Chevy bow tie tattoo is a good option for men or women, and would look great just about anywhere.

chevy tattooSource

10. Chevy Tattoo With Deer

You wouldn’t normally think a deer and Chevy bow tie would go together, but they do in this unique Chevy tattoo!

chevy tattooSource

Ready for that Chevy tattoo yet? If these bad bow ties didn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

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