20 Tantilizing Tattoo and Piercing Combinations


A tattoo and piercing, each by itself, is beautiful body art and a great way to express your style and enhance your appearance. It’s not uncommon for a person to have both a tattoo and piercing. In fact, body art enthusiasts often have at least a few tattoos and piercing.

What’s not so common, though, it a tattoo and piercing combination. Piercings are a great way to enhance the look of a tattoo, and the tattoo and piercing combinations are becoming a little more popular. Different types of piercings may be used in these unique body art combinations. For instance, a tattoo in an are like the belly button or ear can usually be enhanced by a traditional piercing straight through a thin piece of flesh. Tattoos in other areas, however, like the back require surface piercings or dermal anchors.

If you’re considering a tattoo piercing combination, you’re pretty much limited to your imagination. For some great inspiration, check out the awesome examples below!

1. Belly Piercing and Tattoo Combination

Belly button piercings are pretty common, as are tattoos around the belly button area. Combine the two, though, and you have a stunning and unique piece of body art!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

2. Full back Tattoo and Piercings

Wow! This large tribal back tattoo looks even more amazing with several small dermal piercings incorporated into it!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

3. Ear Piercing and Tattoo

A small flower ear tattoo is super cute, but the piercing in the center just makes it even better!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

4. Lower Back Tattoo and Piercings

A tattoo and piercing combination on the lower back is a sexy choice for women!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

5. Hip Piercing and Flower Tattoo

Flowers are pretty tattoo ideas for women, and hi piercings are definitely sexy!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

6. Cherry Blossom Tattoo With Piercings

Small rhinestone piercings look perfect in the center of flower tattoos!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

7. Black Rose Tattoo and Thorn Piercings

The piercings at the tips of the thorns on this large black rose turn this tattoo from basic to beautiful!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

8. Oyster With Pearl Piercing

This has got to be one of the most clever tattoo and piercing combinations on this list!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

9. Crown Tattoo and Piercing

What better way to add some sparkle to a crown tattoo than to add a pretty rhinestone dermal piercing piercing to the top?

tattoo and piercingImage Source

10. Studded Crown Tattoo

For a little more sparkle, a row of rhinestone piercings can be added to the crown tattoo.

tattoo and piercingImage Source

11. Cute Kitty Tattoo and Piercing Combo

Just add some whiskers, a nose, and a cute bow around a surface piercing, and you have an adorable little kitty!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

12. Heartbeat Tattoo and Piercing Combination

The rhinestone piercing at the beginning of this heartbeat tattoo fits in perfectly and makes the whole design simply gorgeous!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

13. Accented Bow Neck Tattoo

Jazz up a pretty feminine bow tattoo with a single tattoo in the center is super cute and definitely eye catching!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

14. Bow Hip Tattoos With Piercings

a pair of bow tattoos on the hips accented with a couple of piercings is a very alluring sight, no?

tattoo and piercingImage Source

15. Skeleton Tattoo With Rhinestone Eyes

A mischievous skeleton is even more spooky with some sparkling rhinestone eyes!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

16. Bird Tattoo and Piercing

This pretty pink peacock is rockin’ those rhinestone eyes!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

17. Leopard Tattoo With Pierce Eyes

This tattoo and piercing combination gives a whole new meaning to “piercing eyes”!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

18. Pierced Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are popular choices for women, and these cute pierced accents on the wings make this design even better!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

19. Tribal Butterfly Tattoo With Accents

Turn a tribal butterfly tattoo into something extraordinary with a couple of pierced accents on the wings, tails, and body!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

20. Pierced Dragonfly Tattoos

If you’re considering dragonfly tattoos, this pierced version might be just the thing to turn a few heads!

tattoo and piercingImage Source

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