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11 Neat Vertical Industrial Piercing Ideas

Though they may not be the most popular piercings around by any means, vertical industrials are beloved by many...

11 Incredible Mouth Piercings

Though most parents out there are strongly against them, mouth piercings seem to be rather popular amongst teens and...
Daith Piercing With Doulbe Ring Below

10 Migraine Curing Daith Piercings

Located on the ear’s inner shell and often done with either small rings or studs, daith piercings have become...
Anti Eyebrow Piercing Replacement

15 Neat Anti Eyebrow Piercings

Often placed below the eyebrow and above the cheekbone, anti eyebrow piercings look great and are usually done with...
Triple Helix

10 Neat Helix Piercing Ideas

Varying in pain levels from person to person and often done with either a bar or a stud, helix...
Red Infinity Ring

12 Neat Labret Piercings

Also referred to as tongue pillar piercings or soul patch piercings, labrets are a subtle, yet appealing way to...
Conch Cross Piercing

12 Creative Conch Piercing Ideas

Frequently seen on celebrities and often featuring either rods, bars, or studs, conch piercings are very common and can...
Black Orbital Jewelry

14 Stylish Orbital Piercings

Typically done through the lobe or helix with rounded rings, orbital piercings enter and exit two or more perforations...

15 Neat Face Piercing Ideas

Though your parents may not approve of them, face piercings are very unique and a great way to show...

20 Tantilizing Tattoo and Piercing Combinations

A tattoo and piercing, each by itself, is beautiful body art and a great way to express your style...

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