14 Treacherous Thorn Tattoo Designs


Thorns tattoo designs are some pretty wicked tattoo designs! The thorns have different meanings for different people. Some associate the thorns with beauty and pain, while others believe that thorns represent sacrifice and honor. The reason a person gets a thorn tattoo is usually highly personal, as with most other tattoos. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that thorn tattoos are pretty awesome looking!

The versatility of thorn tattoos is one of the things that makes them so popular. These types of tattoos are usually done in black and gray, brown, or green, but they can really be done in any ink color. The same is true for the actual design of the tattoo. Some people prefer their thorn tattoos to be trailing and viny, while others want them wrapping around an appendage. Crowns made of thorns and thorns covering crosses are also popular options for thorn tattoos, as are thorn and rose tattoos.

Your own thorn tattoo design should be highly personal and unique.

Its always nice to upll a little inspiration from somewhere, though, so be sure to check out lots of thorn tattoo designs for a little inspiration first before going under the needle!

1. Thorn Armband Tattoo

Thorn tattoo designs make great armband tattoos, since the design can easily wrap around the biceps.

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

2. Vine and Thorns Tattoo

Thorny vines snaking through the skin make a unique tattoo design that’s hauntingly beautiful as well.

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

3. Thorns Digging Into Skin Tattoo

Designing thorn tattoo designs so the thorns appear to dig into the skin gives the tattoos a much more realistic look.

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

4. Realistic Thorn Wrist Tattoo

Here’s another realistic looking thorn tattoo design, this time placed around the wrist.

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

5. Thorn Tattoo Dripping Blood

Thorns in this tattoo are ripping through the skin and dripping blood, much like real thorns would do.

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

6. Heart Wrapped in Thorns Tattoo

A heart wrapped in thorns makes for a slightly disturbing, yet moving, thorn tattoo design.

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

7. Thorns Wrapped Around Arm Tattoo

Instead of a more traditional looking sleeve tattoo, this guy opted to have a vine of thorns wrap around his arm, which looks pretty wicked!

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

8. Cross and Thorns Tattoo Design

Cross and thorn tattoo designs are quite popular with the more faithful among us.

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

9. Spikes and Thorns Tattoo Design

Metal spikes, like the ones used to crucify Christ, wrapped in thorns makes for quite the powerful tattoo design!

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

10. Thorny Chest Tattoo

Thorny stems splayed across the chest is one of the more amazong thorn tattoo designs for guys that I’ve seen!

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

11. Thorny Rose Side Tattoo

If you’re looking for good thorn tattoo designs for women, thorny rose tattoos are always a great option!

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

12. Rhinestone Studded Rose Tattoo

Dermal implants can help enhance some thorn tattoo designs by adding a little twinkle.

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

13. Negative Space Thorn Tattoo Sleeve

The light color of the uninked flesh on this arm makes out the axtual thorn design in this amazon thorn sleeve tattoo!

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

14. Tribal Thorn and Cross Tattoo Design

Tribal thorn tattoo designs are simpler designs, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful!

thorn tattoo designsImage Source

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