12 Hard Core Gun Tattoo Designs for Men


Gun tattoo designs are popular choices among some men. A gun tattoo can have many different meanings, depending on who’s wearing it. Some men see gun tattoos as a symbol of rebellion, for instance, while others may see it as a symbol of freedom, protection, security, strength or power. Figures in law enforcement, soldiers, and hunters may also choose a gun tattoo because it stands as a symbol of their profession or hobby.

There are several different variations of gun tattoos out there as well. Pistols and revolvers are a popular choice, but rifles and shotguns are other options. Gun tattoos can be as realistic or decorative as you want. The gun itself can stand alone as a work of art, or other elements can be added to the design.

If you’re considering a gun tattoo, it’s important to choose the right design. After all, gun tattoos are permanent and the wrong design could leave you with some big regrets! Take a look at some of these amazing gun tattoo designs!

1. Come and Take It Gun Tattoo

Well, I think this gun tattoo sends a bold and clear message!

gun tattooImage Source

2. Don’t Tread on Me Gun Tattoo

For the patriot, this Don’t Tread on Me tattoo is a jaw dropping and meaningful design.

gun tattooImage Source

3. Clever Handgun Tattoo Design

If most gun tattoos were this cute and clever, I’m sure most people would want one!

gun tattooImage Source

4. Love of Guns Tattoo

Something tells me that this guy loves his guns…and his knives and hand grenades.

gun tattooImage Source

5. Classic Revolver Tattoo

You’ll never be without your trusty sidearm with a realistic revolver hip tattoo.

gun tattooImage Source

6. Dual Revolvers Chest Tattoo

Two revolvers and a star make a pretty hard core chest tattoo for men!

gun tattooImage Source

7. Small Revolver Chest Tattoo

For something a little more subtle, a small gun chest tattoo makes a great option!

gun tattooImage Source

8. Decorative Revolver Tattoo

A gorgeous decorative revolver tattoo makes a stunning forearm tattoo.

gun tattooImage Source

9. Gun and Rosary Tattoo

A pistol and a rosary may seem like an odd pairing, but to some, it’s just right!

gun tattooImage Source

10. Gun Tucked into Waste Band Tattoo

I’ll bet that not many people mess with him when he walks down the street!

gun tattooImage Source

11. Rifle Finger Tattoo

Show off your firearm pride with a badass rifle tattoo across all five fingers!

gun tattooImage Source

12. Gun Quote Tattoo

A powerful quote in the shape of a pistol is sure to get the message across!

gun tattooImage Source

Even if guns aren’t your thing, you have to admit that these gun tattoo designs were beautifully executed! If you aren’t a gun owner, you can still appreciate the art and symbolism behind each of these gun tattoos. They’re majestic works of art with strong and masculine meanings—great choices for men from all walks of life!

These gun tattoo designs aren’t the only options out there! If you’re looking for more tattoo designs for men, make sure you check out these 40 Cool Tattoos For Guys You Would Love To Have, 30 Killer Gun Tattoos, and 25 Meaningful Tattoos For Men Which Are Inspirational!


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