12 Cerebral Brain Tattoo Design Ideas


A brain tattoo design isn’t one of those run of the mill tattoo designs that you see every day. It’s a unique and creative tattoo design that’s also quite symbolic and meaningful.

Brain tattoos are a great choice for the thinkers among us—the intellectual, the analyst, and the bookworm. Since the brain is the source of intelligence, it’s the perfect symbol for academic or cerebral people. Someone whose mind is racing constantly might also consider getting inked with a brain tattoo. Of course, the brain also controls memories and emotions, making it a versatile symbol as well.

A cerebral brain tattoo design can be done a thousand different ways.

Here are some of the more interesting and unique brain tattoos out there…

1. Textbook Brain Tattoo Design

This brain tattoo design looks like something right out of an old school anatomy textbook.

brain tattoo designImage Source

2. Brain in a Jar Tattoo

A brain in a jar is definitely a creepy concept, but it makes a pretty wicked tattoo design!

brain tattoo designImage Source

3. Brain and Dagger Tattoo

Here’s a morbidly beautiful brain tattoo—a dagger right through the think box!

brain tattoo designImage Source

4. Caged Brain Tattoo

This brain tattoo design can either represent a caged, or restricted brain or a bird brain.

brain tattoo designImage Source

5. Temple Brain Tattoo Design

Underneath all of that hair, is a very pretty brain!

brain tattoo designImage Source

6. Realistic Scalp Brain Tattoo

The folds of the brain are nicely done and quite detailed, but I think that the peeling skin and exposed bone really make this tattoo!

brain tattoo designImage Source

7. Geometric Brain Tattoo Design

Here’s a unique and modern brain tattoo design that’s subtle, yet perfectly awesome!

brain tattoo designImage Source

8. Exploding Head and Brain Watercolor Tattoo

An exploding head and brain isn’t so freaky when it’s a watercolor tattoo!

brain tattoo designImage Source

9. Grenade Brain Tattoo

The mind shaped like a grenade makes an interesting and symbolic choice for a brain tattoo design.

brain tattoo designImage Source

10. Creative Brain Tattoo Design

This brain tattoo is the perfect design for more creative minded individuals!

brain tattoo designImage Source

11. Brain and Heart Balancing Act Tattoo

It can be tough to balance out matters of the heart and brain, and this interesting tattoo design captures that idea beautifully!

brain tattoo designImage Source

12. Labelled Brain Tattoo Design

The labels in this brain tattoo add an interesting element that makes you think a bit.

brain tattoo designImage Source

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