12 Awesome Fingerprint Tattoo Designs


Fingerprints are one of the few physical characteristics that are completely unique to an individual. This makes them extremely personal and unique symbols. It’s actually a wonder why more people don’t choose fingerprint tattoo designs!

Fingerprint tattoos designs are almost instantly recognizable because of their characteristic loops and swirls. Even when they’re incorporated into other designs, it’ hard to not notice a fingerprint in a tattoo.

Check out these awesome fingerprint tattoo designs to see what I mean…

1. Large Fingerprint Tattoo

Fingerprint tattoo designs don’t have to be small and inconspicuous; a giant fingerprint tattoo is pretty awesome on the back!

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

2. Heart Shaped Fingerprint Tattoo

Heart shaped fingerprint tattoo designs are a sweet way to honor a couple of special people.

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

3. Red Matching Heart Fingerprint Tattoos

Heart shaped fingerprint tattoo designs also make amazing matching tattoos for couples, family members, and friends!

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

4. Quote and Fingerprint Tattoo

A short and sweet quote fits nicely around a heart shaped fingerprint tattoo.

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

5. Artistic Fingerprint Tattoo

Here’s a unique artistic twist in some fingerprint tattoo designs! They add a nice little pop of color, don’t they?

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

6. Dandelion Finger Print Tattoo

Hidden fingerprints in a dandelion tattoo make this sweet design so much more personal and unique!

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

7. Musical Fingerprint Tattoo Design

Can you see the tiny hidden music notes in this creative fingerprint tattoo design?

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

8. Fingerprint Butterfly Tattoo

A couple of fingerprints give this little butterfly the wings it needs to take off!

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

9. Fingerprint and Semi-colon Butterfly Tattoo

Here’s an interesting fingerprint butterfly tattoo design with a semi-colon incorporated into it. (Find out more about semi-colon tattoo meanings HERE!)

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

10. Fingerprint Elephant Tattoo

Fingerprint tattoo designs can be created to feature almost any other element, like this elephant, making them a versatile tattoo design as well!

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

11. Infinity and Fingerprint Tattoo Design

The fingerprint in this tattoo is tucked neatly inside of an infinity symbol.

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

12. Fingerprint Skull Tattoo

Or, if you want something a little more macabre, a fingerprint shaped like a skull might be more your taste.

fingerprint tattoo designsImage Source

Many people choose to design their fingerprint tattoo designs after their own fingerprints or the fingerprints of loved ones. It just makes the tattoo that much more unique and personal. However, this is not a requirement, and just the general fingerprint design can be used in a tattoo.

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