How To Create A 3D Movie Poster In Photoshop


Want to know  how to create a 3D movie poster in Photoshop? If so, you’re in the right place as we’re going to walk you through the entire process, one step at a time. That means that as long as you have basic Photoshop knowledge, you should be just fine with this tutorial. We’re also confident that there will be helpful feedback in the comments section below in the event that you get stuck.

Now, what in the world would you possibly need to create a 3D movie poster in Photoshop for? Well, it’s kind of the “in” thing right now. This tutorial will work great for filmmakers (especially indie filmmakers who can’t afford to have someone design a poster) or someone that just wants to try their hand at something new in Photoshop. Either way, you’ll find multiple uses for the skills that you’ll obtain once you master what we are going to teach you below. Now, if you’re ready to get started and be on your way with learning how to create a 3D movie poster, scroll down and view the tutorial below. Don’t worry. With time, you’ll be able to do it with no trouble at all!

3d movie poster

Step 1

Open Photoshop and open (ctrl + o) the image in it.

3d Tutorial

Step 2

To make the image look more better and interesting, lets make some changes to the image. To start with open eye on fusion and call the image into it with the loader tool.

Change Image

Step 3

Go to file> preferencesGoto frame format> create a new profile> Name it ‘Footloose Poster‘ and make the following changes: Width = 1349 Height = 2000 Frame rate = 24 File size = 16(Same as the Image size)

Footloose Poster

Step 4

Add a Text 3D Tool (Tools>3D>Text 3D) Write down 3D in it with an Arial Black FontChange the Bevel depth to ‘0.1660819‘ Also in the shading section change the colour to Red = 0.6823529411765 Green = 0.5764705882353 Blue = 0.9411764705882 And specular settings to Red, Green and Blue to 0.5686274509804 each. Specular Intensity = 0.1052632

Text 3D Tool

Step 5

Add a spot light (Tools>3D>Light> SpotLight), connect it to Text 3D (join both the Red Outputs so that a merge 3D is created) and move it to Translate X = 1.08472 Translate Y = 0.9168134206591 Translate Z = 1.495973 Rotation X = -21.25822 Rotation Y = 35.65326 Rotation Z = 4.348969

Add a spot light

Step 6

Add a Direction Light(Tools> 3D> Light> Direction Light) and reduce its intensity to 0.0497238

Add a Direction Light

Step 7

Add a point light(Tools>3D>Light>Point Light) and change intensity to 0.55

Add a point light

Step 8

Add an Ambient Light(Tools>3d>Light>Ambient Light) and change intensity to 0.0497238

Add an ambient Light

Step 9

Add a Camera 3D tool (Tools> 3D> Camera 3D) and move it toTranslate X = 0.954627793541 Translate Y = 0.4419056094258 Translate Z = 1.53529 Rotation X = -12.32788 Rotation Y = 29.839 Rotation Z = -6.02046Also change the focal length to 20

Add a Camera 3D tool

Step 10

Add a Renderer 3D and check on enable lights and enable shadows

Add a Renderer 3D

Step 11

Add a Transform tool (Tools> Transform> Transform) and change the centre X and Centre Y to 0.8435812813026 and 0.2271221779609 respectively.Change the size to 0.197583572621Check the changes made by placing the original footloose image into the Background of this output.

Add a Transform tool

Step 12

After finalizing the position and angle of the text, make a Render by placing a Saver tool to the flow in front of the Transform Tool

make a render


Step 13

Now import the newly created 3D text image into Photoshop and place it over the footloose poster.

import 3D text image

Step 14

Change its layer style toDrop shadow:Blend mode: Multiply, opacity: 75%, angle 139 degrees.Distance, spread and size to 5, 0 and 5 respectively.Outer Glow:Blend Mode: Screen opacity: 27%Color: d7b8ffSpread and size to 0 and 250 respectively.

Change layer style

Step 15

Add a text layer with text ‘in‘ and font Arial, bold and size 100Change the layer style toDrop Shadow:Blend Mode: Screen, colour: c093ffAngle: 139 degreesDistance, spread and size to 17,0 and 2 respectively.Bevel and emboss:Style: inner bevelTechnique: smooth and depth 42 degrees.Size: 13 and Soften: 3Highlight mode opacity: 54Shadow mode opacity: 40

Add a text layer

Step 16

Add an adjustment layer Hue/ Saturation below the in layer and mask 3D text layer by selecting the 3D text layer and painting the mask inverted to blackChange the Hue, Saturation and Lightness to -6, 27 and 7

Add an adjustment layer Hue

Step 17

Add another adjustment layer curves on top of all and change the curve to an S shape curve so that the contrast of the image increases.

adjustment layer curves

Step 18

Merge all the layers and add sharpen(Filters> Sharpen> Sharpen) on the image

Merge all layers

Step 19

Duplicate this layer and rename the layers as right and leftReduce the opacity of the top layer to 50%Move it 3 pixels right and 3 pixels down and rotate it around 1 degree clockwise to get a blurry image.

Duplicate the layer

Step 20

Bring the opacity of the top layer back to 100Go to Image> adjustment> Channel Mixer and reduce the red to 0; this will make your image cyan

opacity to 100

Step 21

Now Hide the top layer and select the bottom layerGo to Image> adjustment> Channel Mixer and change the output channel to Blue and reduce the blue to 0Now change the output channel to green and reduce the green to 0Doing this will make your image red.

Hide the top layer

Step 22

Now go back to the top layer and unhide this layer.Change the blending mode to screen.

Change the blending mode

Step 23

Just crop the image to remove the side cuttings and now you are ready with a 3d poster.

crop the image

Final Result

3d movie poster


Photoshop 3D Tutorial



So, what did you think? Hopefully you learned a thing or two from this tutorial and will be able to create your very own 3D movie poster in Photoshop. It’s nowhere near as hard as it looks and with a little practice, you’ll do just fine. Also, be sure to share this list with your friends and check out some of our other lists similar to this one at one of the links below. Enjoy!

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  1. Today I learnt how to create a 3D movie poster in Photoshop easily with the help of this tutorial. Thanks for sharing!! Keep sharing such kind of techniques.

  2. WOW amazing i cant believe these , these tutorial are simply amazing and it will help my brother a lot to make a real 3d movie poster.


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