25 Easy and Amazing Nail Stamping Examples


Nail stamping is a simple way to get gorgeous and complex looking nail art designs. A nail stamping kit usually includes etched metal plates, a scraper, and a soft rubber stamp. Nail polish is brushed onto the etched plates and excess polish is scraped off. Nail polish fills the grooves in the etched plates, and when the stamp is pressed onto the plate, the polish transfers to the stamp. The stamp can then be pressed onto the nail to transfer the design.

There are hundreds or even thousands of nail stamping designs to choose from. Each plate usually has a theme, such as animal print or holiday designs. Many of the designs are simply beautiful and stamping nails yields much more detailed and cleaner results than attempting nail art designs by hand. Extra nail stamping plates can be purchased from beauty supply stores and online retailer and used with almost any nail stamping kit.

Ready to try some nail stamping designs of your own? Probably the hardest part is choosing a design to try!

1. Stamped Fishnet Nail Design

Trying to paint straight lines for a sexy fishnet nail design is difficult, even with the use of nail striping tape! Nail stampers, however, make this task super easy, and takes a fraction of the time!

nail stampingImage Source

2. Pink Lace Stamped Nail Design

Looking for lacy fingernails? Try a lace nail stamping plate with a pink polish for a super pretty design!

nail stampingImage Source

3. Cream Lace Stamped Nail Design

Get the look of old fashioned lace with a stamped black lace design over a cream polish. The extra rhinestone details are optional, but definitely gorgeous!

nail stampingImage Source

4. Edgy Lace Stamped Nail Design

Stamp just the tips and base of the nails for a pretty punk look!

nail stampingImage Source

5. Stamped Plaid Nail Design

Hand painted plaid nail art designs are cute, no doubt; but a nail stamping kit with a plaid design can give you professional looking results!

nail stampingImage Source

6. Stamped Houndstooth Nail Design

A houndstooth nail stamping plate can give you a fun look that’s classy and a little preppy.

nail stampingImage Source

7. Neon Star Nail Art

Star nail art designs are so much simpler with a nail stamping kit!

nail stampingImage Source

8. Diamond Pattern Nail Art

Sure, you could make this polka dot diamond pattern with a couple of nail art dotting tools, but who has the time or the patience? Use a nail stamping kit instead!

nail stampingImage Source

9. Stamped Design Over Gradient Nail Art

Combining two nail art techniques can look stunning, like this girly stamped design over a black and purple gradient!

nail stampingImage Source

10. Swirl Stamped Nail Design

This fun stamped swirl design is a little funky and nigh impossible to do freehand!

nail stampingImage Source

11. Blue and White Stamped Nail Design

Doesn’t this delicate white and blue stamped nail design remind you of fine China? Makes me want to have a tea party!

nail stampingImage Source

12. Multi-color Stamped Nail Art

Try using a few different colors on your nail stamping plates for an even more unique and eye catching design!

nail stampingImage Source


13. Double Stamped Nail Design

Layering two different stamped nail designs has an amazing outcome!

nail stampingImage Source

14. Stamped Rose Nail Art

For a pretty and feminine nail art design, a bouquet of roses on your nails might be just the thing!

nail stampingImage Source

15. Silver Leaves Nail Art

Silver leaves stamped over a light blue polish looks simply stunning!

nail stampingImage Source

16. Gold Leaves Nail Art

Stamped gold leaves over a coral polish make a nice fall nail art design.

nail stampingImage Source

17. Stamped Fall Leaves Nail Art

Or, you can really celebrate the colors of the season with some stamped fall leaves nail art!

nail stampingImage Source

18. Spider Web Stamped Nail Art

These Halloween spider web and spider stamped nails are perfect for Halloween! Adorable and a little spooky!

nail stampingImage Source

19. Snowflake Stamped Nail Art

When the weather turns cold and blustery, though, it’s time to pull out your snowflake nail stamping plate…

nail stampingImage Source

20. Christmas Snowflake Nail Art

…then it’s time to break out the Christmas nail stamping plates!

nail stampingImage Source

21. Snakeskin Nail Art

Get a little wild and crazy with a stamped snakeskin nail art design! It looks especially gorgeous with a hologram polish as a base color!

nail stampingImage Source

22. Alligator Skin Nail Art

Or, how about a little alligator skin to match your boots?

nail stampingImage Source

23. Stamped Feather Nail Art

Feather nail art can be a pain to create, but a nail stamping kit makes it so easy!

nail stampingImage Source

24. Stamped French Manicure

Give your boring French manicure a fun update with a little nail stamping art!

nail stampingImage Source

25. Stamped White French Tips

A line of black flowers gives this standard white French manicure a chic and trendy lift!

nail stampingImage Source

Nail stamping is so easy to do, and it requires very little time. If your nail art skills leave a little something to be desired, a nail stamping kit may be just the thing to keep your claws looking picture perfect! No matter which design you choose, you’re sure to get tons of compliments on your awesome stamped nail art!

Weren’t these nail stamping examples just to die for? For more great nail art design ideas, be sure to check out these 25 Really Beautiful Nail Art Designs, 40 Easy Nail Designs You Can Try Any Day, and 40 Exciting Nail Polish Designs!


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